September13, 2022
Meeting started promptly at 7 a.m. with the pledge of allegiance.
Art Ayers gave the invocation today. Prayers sent to Stu Comiskey for a speedy recovery following his heart surgery.
We had 4 Zoomers Today
Bob Boerma led us in singing 3 Songs Today.
God Bless America
That’s Amore!
Roll Rotary
Thanks Mark Odland for the music!
 Thank you to Sandra and Mark Reno for working the concession stand last Friday night at the South Haven Football game.
Blessings in a Backpack will be starting back up in Nov, First Thursday in November.
Mark Odland – If you run into Sue DuVall tell her we are using the music that she worked so hard on getting. Together
Mark Odland- Tues Oct 18th we will have Fred Upton as a speaker, he is retiring so we do not have to have an opponent to speak.  He is also a fellow Rotarian.
Please keep Stu Comiskey and family in your thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery from by-pass surgery on Sept. 12th.
We have received a thank you note from the Bronson Health Foundation for our donation for the Life Jacket Loaner board project.
I am circulating a print copy of the Club membership directory from the Brickman’s.  Please review your page and update any information necessary.  If there are no changes, please either initial or check your send new sheets for insertion into your directory.
There are also insert sheets in the back of the room with the information on our 2 new Club members, GB Richmond and Mike Kempker.  Please take one to add to your personal directory.
Next Tuesday will be a Club Assembly, focusing on the plans of our Membership Committee for recruitment, retention and adding a bit more fun into our gatherings.  Plan to attend to provide your input into their plans, and start to be thinking about who you could recruit to become a member of the Club. 
Next Tues. is also a Club board meeting immediately following the Club meeting.  Board members, please have that on your calendar and plan to attend.
And Sept. 27th we are going on another field trip for our meeting.  This time to the new Maritime Museum for a tour and we will be presenting them with their check for our donation for the Steamship Travel Kiosk.  Don’t miss the sneak preview of the Museum before its official opening on Sept. 30th.
Comedy Relief- Bob is Back!!
George Bernard Shaw and Winston  Churchill
50/50 Raffle
Jon Peele picked the winning ticket today
Dana Hullinger won again! Picked a 4
Amy Nichols won the consolation prize!
Kayleigh Eddy- Son Birthday Sunday, Dad turns 81 and her parents Celebrate their 56 Anniversary
Dave Campbell- Wife celebrates her 29th Birthday…Also his son celebrates a Birthday
Jerry Gruber- Friday would have been his 61st Anniversary with his wife who has passed away.  Thoughts and prayers for you on Friday Jerry.
We sang a traditional Happy Birthday Today
Happy Bucks
Mark Odland – Moving to the new house in Two Weeks- Happy!!
Paul Hix- Happy that we live where we do and happy about Ukraine!
Scott Mark – Go MSU!!
Jerry Portman- Brother visiting from Fon Du Lac Wisconsin, going to try and make a sailor out of him while he is here.
Dene Hadden- Happy about the beautiful Mural at the High School, Invited us to come check it out at the first Volley Ball match this week.
Mary Sue- Oldest Niece has been in Bali for 5 years coming to visit her this week
Ted Weber- Go Blue!
Larry W.- Happy about the Spartans!
Thursday ABO is at the Moose Lodge from 5-7
September is Basic Education and Literacy Month
Our Speaker Today is Jeremy Burelson
Associate Dean for Regional Campuses and Select Academic Programs
Mary Sue Lyon thanked Jeremy.
Please join us September 21here, 7 a.m. at Peace Lutheran, for our next meeting which will be a Club Assembly. The meeting was adjourned at 8 a.m. with the Four Way Test.
Respectfully submitted: Sandra S. Reno