SPOKES VOL. LXVII NO. 45                                                                              June 8, 2021




President Thompson began our virtual meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pastor Jeffrey Dick provided our invocation this morning, asking for blessings for this month’s graduates and for our service.


Our guests this morning included soon to be member Emily Gruber and speakers Heather Oestrike and Julie Taylor.  We were also delighted to have Jill Brickman Zoom with us.

In Remembrance of Bob Stickland:

Mark Odland noted that there is an effort underway to provide a memorial to Bob and donations are being accepted.


  • Our Sneak Peek at Bronson has been rescheduled and there are still some openings.  Contact Dan if you are interested.

  • Members should have received a letter about our Kenya project this weekend with the news that we have had to resubmit our grant and are looking for about $4200 in new funding.

  • Our new officer induction ceremony will take place on July 6th at 7:00 at Stanley Johnson Park.  It will be an informal gathering with light refreshments. Bring chairs.

  • This past Thursday three South Haven High School graduates were each awarded $1,400 scholarships from our club.  They included Summer Lynn Corke, Megan Marie Morse and Grace G. Solis.

  • Forty members of the club completed the pancake breakfast survey and the results will be discussed at a special Board meeting this week and at the regular Board meeting next week.

  • Tom Rummel has been selected as our Club Hero this year for his dedication to our club and his willingness to serve as substitute treasurer in the winter months.  He will be recognized at the virtual District Conference on June 24th.

  • Thursday’s social hour has been moved from ZOOM to Stanley Johnston Park. Beginning at 10:00.  Bring your own chair and beverage.

50/50 and Fines

Guest Jill Brickman was called on to select the big prize winners this week and called out Emily Gruber’s number for the big prize and Kaleigh Eddy’s for the $2 prize.


Fines were charged to:

  • Pete Swanson’s grandson is turning 13.

  • Emily Gruber has a birthday using those same two digits.

  • Bob Boerma let us know that it is his wife Karen’s birthday this week.

  • Richard Swanson and his lovely wife Marilyn are celebrating their 52ns anniversary this week.

  • Melinda Gruber let us know that another Gruber, Carley, has a birthday this week.

  • Jerry Gruber added two more grandson’s to the list of Gruber birthdays this week.

  • Angelica Gallegos announced that her brother is excited for his birthday this week.

  • Mike Livovich had two celebrations, a grandson and a granddaughter received diploma’s this week, one from high school and one from college.

  • Larry Wittkop was able to arrange to have Louis Armstrong sing happy birthday to our celebrants.  The wonders of ZOOM!


Our speakers this morning were introduced by Richard Swanson.  Heather Oestrike (pictured left) is from the Bronson Health Foundation and is the coordinator of foundation funding.  She was joined by Julie Taylor (pictured right) who is responsible for the distribution of equipment purchased by the foundation’s grants.


Heather noted that the Bronson Health Foundation supports many initiatives that provide additional quality care for our area.


Included in projects they have supported:   Bronson is the only children’s hospital in Southwestern Michigan and they treat more than 3,000 children a year, including patients in the neo-natal ward where they now have cameras so family members can see the babies there.


They also helped fund the 3D mammography program in their system, including one at Bronson South Haven.


Overall they have worked with donors and other groups to provide many projects and services to patients at Bronson, including our telemedicine project, coordinated by Richard Swanson with club and corporate sponsorship, thanks to Paul Hix.


Among other South Haven projects are the Reach Out and Read program for kids when they have their wellness visits, Wellness Center Scholarships, SNAP Nutrition and Health Education, Providing New Wheelchairs, Safe Kids program, Kid Friendly emergency room amenities, and childbirth education in addition to our program.


The Telehealth Project is designed to help support families who have difficulty or are uncomfortable attending appointments.  They may be homebound, have chronic conditions that require constant monitoring, have mobility problems or to assist in infant or child care.  Interestingly, over the last year 24% of office visits have been via telehealth, up from less that 1% two years ago.


Julie Taylor went on to explain that patients are screened by practice based teams and once identified, appropriate supplies are distributed by the teams to patients.


Items distributed include things a simple as thermometers to Glucometer starter kits, scales, pulse OX meters, blood pressure monitors, and tablets or smart phones for conferencing.


Roll out of these supplies began in mid-May and continues as local practices get moved into their new offices at the hospital in South Haven.  We will get a full report shortly.


President Thompson thanked Heather and Julie for their informative update and presented them with our speaker’s gift certificate.


President Thompson adjourned the meeting with the Four Way Test at 8:00 AM

  • NEXT WEEK:   Brandon Hinz will provide us an update on SHAES

  • Editarian:  Dene Hadden