Posted by Dene Hadden
SPOKES VOL. LXIV NO. 46                                                                               June 5, 2018
Due to remodeling at the Wellness Center, we met at Peace Lutheran Church this morning and were greeted by Nick Tuit and Mark Odland.
President Renner opened our meeting with the “America the Beautiful” and our host, Pastor Travis Wilson, offered our invocation.
Our speakers, Avery Daughtery, Maddox Uckle, and Jesse Ford along with their sponsor, Julie Sheppard were our guests today.
No Spotlight this morning.
Bob Boerma was our song leader this morning and after an unexpected repeat of “America the Beautiful” we actually sounded pretty good as we san our way through the 1912 hit “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”.  This song has been recorded on over 200 singles and albums and by many famous singers, including Bing Crosby, Connie Francis, and Roger Whittaker.  Up next was “April Showers”, first performed by Al Jolson in the 1912 Broadway show, “Bombo”. Spike Jones and Doodles Weaver produced a parody that began with the lyrics: "When April showers, she never closes the curtain..."  We finished with “All Hail to Rotary” sung to the tune of “Anchors Aweigh”, much to the delite of our Navy veterans.
  • There will be a Blessings in a Backpack leading workshop this Friday, June 8 at Lincoln School.
  • A sign up list and menu for the change of officers dinner at Hawkshead was passed around.
  • We are reminded of the Senior Services Millage for Van Buren County that will be up for a renewal and increase in August.
  • The St. Joe Rotary Club will be celebrating their 100th anniversary on June 16.
  • We received very nice thank you notes from the Domestic Violence Coalition for our donation.
  • A reminder to drop off your used Rotary Magazines at various offices and waiting rooms around town.
  • Steve Larsen announced that there will be a golf outing prior to our change of officers dinner in late June, including a putting contest!
  • If you have not paid for the South Haven Future educational fundraiser, please send your check to Rhonda as soon as possible.
The pot was drained last week so our host, Pastor Wilson, had the lucky ticket, only managed to collect $21 for his church coffers.  Tom Renner collected the $2 prize.
  • Scott Mark is celebrating a birthday tomorrow.
  • Dorothy Lockwood is celebrating both her birthday and anniversary this week.
  • Jerry Gruber had a whole handful of birthdays this week, including granddaughters Emily and Carley and son Derrick plus any others he may have forgotten.  He also had a joke he found from Bob Copping’s book of almost funny stuff.
  • Richard Swanson and his lovely wife Marilyn are celebrating their 49th anniversary this week.
  • Bob Copping lovely wife Jane is celebrating her birthday this week.
  • Dene Hadden reported that his wife Linda is pleased to have spent the last 48 years as Dene’s wife.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries were all celebrated Ludington style, much to the amusement of our young guests.
  • Jean Stein reported that she was not in an accident or attacked and is healing from some bruises.
  • DenBob Brickman is celebrating a granddaughter’s graduation.
  • Stu Comiskey paid off a big bet concerning his Mets and Tom Renner’s Cubs.
  • Don Hodgman reminded everyone about the Rosie the Riveter presentation this afternoon.
  • Dan Thompson remined us of the sacrifice made by so many on June 6, 1944 in Normandy.
  • Nick Tuit will be spending 20 days in Europe.
  • Jeff Melvin reminded everyone of the Relay for Life scheduled for this weekend in Bangor.
  • We were treated to another of Bob Copping’s delightful insights.
  • Korky Ingersoll suggested that we have a club assembly to train us all on the proper use of a CD player.
  • Many Happy Dollars were paid for pictures in the paper, in the District Newsletter and for general business.
Nick Tuit introduced our speaker, Julie Sheppard and her students.
Julie has been the sponsor of the History Club in South Haven Public Schools for 12 years.During that time members of the club have qualified for nationals 9 times.The club begins each year with 32 to 36 members, grades 5 – 12.This year they will end up with 6 members going to nationals.
Teams begin the year preparing presentations based on a general theme established for regional, state and national competitions.They begin by presenting at the regional level and if they qualify, attending the state level competition and then the top two presentations move to nationals.
Julie indicated that the students spend huge amounts of time on their projects and gain, in addition to learning how to do legitimate research, the experience of presenting in front of other people.
The three students she brought with her then presented their program on the Cuban Missile Crisis.They had never heard of this crisis before and had to start from scratch building a ten minute presentation that explained the crisis and what happened.They then showed us the version of their program that won the state competition.It was an impressive display of information presented via audio and visual technology.They spent countless hours doing research, finding witnesses and even collecting recently declassified information for their project.
They have collected about half of the money they need for their trip to nationals in Washington, DC next week.
Art Ayers presented Julie and the kids a check to help pay their way to nationals and Nick made sure they each had one of our speaker’s pens to use on their trip.The club expresses their pride on the work of this group of excellent and young students.
We closed our meeting with the Four Way Test.
Next week’s program: Be A Match, a look at the bone marrow process with Larry Lewis
Next week’s Greeters:  Bob Stickland and Paul Hix
Editarian:  Dene Hadden