We were greeted by Bob Copping and Mark Odland.
President Odland opened our meeting with the “God Bless
America”, and Art Ayers offered the invocation, which included
the following: “We continue to keep Glenn, Mary, and the
Pietenpol family close in our hearts, and are very thankful to
hear that Richard Swanson continues to do well”.
Dyann Chenault - Assistant District Governor
Pete Swanson - prospective member and guest of Don Hodgman
Ross Woodhams - will be inducted as our newest member during
today’s meeting
Francis Peet - from the Michigan Maritime Museum
Amanda Owens - from the South Haven Visitors’ Bureau
Dr. Mark Nikkel, Orthopedic Surgeon – Today’s Speaker
The South Haven Chamber of Commerce extended an invitation for
an event to be held at South Haven High School on Thursday,
January 17 th , from 5-7pm. Among other things, there will be
displays of students showcases, networking, and an opportunity
to meet new Superintendent, Kevin Schooley.
Our club is to assist with the Thursday Night Supper, at the
First Congregational Church, also this Thursday, the 17 th .
Volunteers should arrive @5:30.
Rotary International president-elect, Mark Maloney, a member of
the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, unveiled the 2019-20
presidential theme, “Rotary Connects the World”.
Dan Thompson sent word that South Haven Police Chief Natalie
Thompson’s mother passed away, and her funeral was scheduled for
today. Natalie is Dan’s niece.
Blessings in a Backpack will be this Friday, the 18 th , at 1:15pm,
at Lincoln Elementary School.
Even with a lack of publicity, all indications are that the
traditional MLK Day activity of packing rice at South Haven High
School will be held on Monday, the 21 st , beginning at 10am. It is
suggested that you arrive @9:45am.
Ted Weber announced some fantastic news regarding his wife
Julie’s battle with cancer! Julie was diagnosed with breast
cancer in June,2018, and chose twelve strong treatments of
chemo, as opposed to a mastectomy. The latest exam found the
tumor to be barely visible, and she is scheduled to have a
lumpectomy on February 7 th at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.
Don Hodgman, Mark Odland, and Art Ayers visited Glenn at Rose
Arbor Hospice within the last few days.
Tom Renner reported that on Friday, January 25 th , the new
banners, for the high school gymnasium, will be formally
dedicated at the basketball game. The banners were purchased
with the money our club received via a Rotary District 6360
Ross Woodhams was formally inducted as a member of the Rotary
Club of South Haven. Bob Stickland was Ross’ sponsor; however,
with Bob in Florida, Ted Weber accompanied Ross to the podium
and formally introduced him to the group. Welcome, Ross!
Dan Liehr, Board member of the Hospitality House of SW Michigan,
provided an update on the organization. The Hospitality House
was established in 1985 in Kalamazoo and is staffed 24/7.
Current Executive Director is Judy Paget. Those donating help
provide no-cost accommodations for nearly 1000 guests each year.
For those recalling the house on South St., there are now two
new cottages, one on Borgess’ campus and one on Bronson’s. The
Borgess cottage has been open for over a year, while the Bronson
cottage will be opening soon. Both cottages have 17 rooms.
Assistant District Governor, Dyann Chenault, from the Benton
Harbor Rotary Club, announced that her local club is starting a
satellite club. She also indicated that District Governor Jim
Cupper is seeking sponsors to assist with the District
Conference this spring. If interested, please email the District
6360 Office by Monday, January 21 st .
Tom Renner announced that he would be recording our singing this
morning to send to Glenn Pietenpol.
Jim Davis did an admirable job as our Director, as we followed
his lead through the following:
“Five Foot Two”, “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love”, and “R-O-
President Odland requested that a special song be added to the
“mix”; as a result, we all gathered around the Rotary flag and
sang “Smile”, under the direction of Bob Boerma. Tom Renner
captured this on video to also send to Glenn.
Sergeant-at-Arms Stuart Comiskey didn’t travel far this morning
before choosing Scott Smith as our “honest and reliable”
candidate. Scott drew, and Ted Weber flashed his winning ticket.
Ted then drew the 10 card which, ultimately, provided Rhonda
Wendzel with the $2 prize.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Jerry Portman announced that his mother-in-law would celebrate
her 102 nd birthday on January 21 st .
Paul Hix celebrates a birthday on the 16 th , and Tom Renner
celebrates on the 19 th .
Due to time constraints, the basket was passed around the room.
Dr. Mark Nikkel, DO, is an Orthopedic Surgery Specialist in
South Haven, and has over 26 years of diverse experience.
Program Chair Scott Smith introduced Dr. Nikkel, reminding
everyone that, even though Bronson-South Haven Hospital no
longer performs surgeries, it is well worth the short drive to
Paw Paw, to have surgery performed by Dr. Nikkel and others.
Orthopedics is the branch of surgery “concerned with conditions
involving the musculoskeletal system”.
Dr. Nikkel arrived in South Haven by way of San Diego, and he
also spent 15 years practicing in Chicago. He has always been
very interested in sports, especially baseball. As a result,
it’s no surprise that his area of expertise relates to sports
injuries, primarily involving knees and shoulders.
Dr. Nikkel brought plastic models of the knee, shoulder, and hip
to assist in his presentation. He emphasized the fact that pain
does not automatically mean that surgery is necessary.
Medications, injections, and therapy are possible avenues to
travel before surgery is considered. So many advances have
certainly been made over the years that, If surgery is
necessary, it is far less invasive, and recovery times have
drastically been reduced. He also emphasized the importance of
the MRI to make determinations regarding surgery.
The main vendor used for replacement parts is a company named
Arthrex. It began in Munich, Germany, in 1981 and has since
moved its headquarters to North Naples, Florida. Another popular
vendor is the Swiss-based company Medacta.
Time was also given to the discussion of Reverse Prosthesis
surgery for the shoulder, as well as Anterior and Posterior
approaches to hip replacement. I’ll forego the details...”time
constraints” ��
Dr. Nikkel took a few questions before we ran out of time. Scott
Smith presented him with our traditional Rotary pen, in
President Odland thanked our speaker and our guests.
Greeters-Jim France and Steve Larsen
Program-“Serving the Well-Being of South Haven High School’s
Athletes, with Chris Wendling. Scott Smith is the Program Chair.
We concluded our meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Art Ayers, Editarian