January 14, 2020

Kaily Eddy was our greeter this morning.

President Odland opened our meeting noting, again, what a nice
turnout we had. “God Bless America” was then followed by Art
Ayers’ invocation.

Megan Kiker, our program speaker (Larry Wittkop)
Lee Ann Johnson, a prospective new member (Mark Odland)
Ashley Deming, Director of Education at the Michigan Maritime
Museum (Mark Odland)
Jane Copping (Bob Copping)
* Thursday Night Supper, January 16 th , at the First
Congregational Church. Volunteers should plan to arrive
between 5:30 and 5:45pm.

* Rosalie provided an update on activities planned for MLK,
Jr. Day on January 20th . She plans to be at the high school
at 10 am on the 20th , for anyone wishing to drop off laundry
detergent for the Laundry Detergent Challenge.

* Tom Renner announced that Rotary has currently collected
3,000 ounces of detergent! The soap will be distributed to the Covert and South Haven personal care pantries.

To find out more, and/or to reserve your spot, or your
organization’s spot, please contact Rosalie Plechaty by
January 15th : 269-271-6307 or
Bob Boerma led our efforts this morning, as we made our way
through “My Wild Irish Rose”, “On the Banks of the Wabash”,
during which, Deb Davidson and Mike Livovich stood in honor of Hoosiers everywhere, and “R-O-T-A-R-Y”.

While on the topic of music, President Odland mentioned that he
recently purchased 25 CDs, on which he recorded our newly
condensed song programs. He played them at home, and all worked “famously”. However, they would not play on the player that we use at the Wellness Center. No surprise there!!!
He persevered; eventually linking Bluetooth and his iTunes
library, whereby he can control the music from his cellphone.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Stuart Comiskey,, chose “honest and reliable”
Lee Ann Johnson to draw the first winning ticket, which was in
the possession of none other than Ted Weber!. Ted proceeded to
draw the “10”, and the subsequent winning ticket, netting $2,
was Steve Miles’.

Since the “pot” was not won today, it was suggested, and agreed
upon, that the club donate the available money to efforts
related to the Laundry Detergent Challenge. Beautiful!
* Rhonda announced that Harold will be celebrating his
birthday tomorrow.
* Paul Hix will be celebrating a birthday on the 16th .
* Tom Renner has a birthday on the 19 th (his “36th celebration
of 39”)
A Ludington-style “Happy Birthday” followed…
* Deb Davidson celebrated Purdue’s big win over MSU
* Steve Larsen is looking forward to trips to Aspen and the
* Nick Tuit is glad we didn’t get the ice storm as
* Art Ayers and his wife are celebrating son Garrett’s visit.
*  Art also indicated that he and his wife, Kris, will be
visiting Marty Graber in Kenya from January 22nd to February
2nd .
* Larry Wittkop indicated he was “not happy” and would “catch
you next week”.
* Bob Stickland didn’t want Deb Davidson to get TOO carried
away with Purdue, since Michigan had defeated them
* Bob Copping was true to his word when he mentioned, last
week, that we should “stay tuned” to learn of Quasimodo’s
replacement. This replacement had quite a talent for
humming, in perfect pitch, an E over high C. He would put
his head back and hum as he pulled the rope. Sadly, we
learned today that the replacement was killed when the rope
broke, and the bell fell on him. The policeman who found
him said he would be remembered as a “Real Hum-Dinger”!
“The Story of Biggby Coffee”, Larry Wittkop, chair.
Larry indicated that he and friends used to frequent the Village
Market Café before they would play golf. However, when Village Market closed, they had to find a new venue, which happened to be Biggby Coffee. It was there that Larry met the manager of South Haven’s Biggby Coffee, Megan Kiker.
Megan had previously worked at Village Market in the Beanery but was able to find new employment when Biggby Coffee opened in April, 2016.
What is now Biggby Coffee began in East Lansing as Beaner’s
Coffee in 1995. There currently are approximately 300 “Biggby” locations within 12 states of these United States.
The logo had always been a “Big B”, so when a new name was
sought for the franchise, a branding company was hired, which
took that “Big B” to a new level. The CEOs are Bob Fish and Mike McFall, who were described by Megan as people who care about their employees, the communities they serve, and are focused on “building a life that we love”.

Regarding community outreach, Biggby Coffee makes it a priority to treat all members of law enforcement with the respect they deserve. One of those ways is to offer them free brewed coffee or hot tea at any time, and 50% off any specialty beverage.

“Biggby’s” has contributed to our educational fundraiser every
year since they opened, and have always participated in the
Cardboard Sled Race at the Icebreaker festival. Their VW bus is
a familiar sight during festivals and special events.
Megan usually refers to her employees as baristas, which refers
to “those making and serving a variety of beverages…usually at a coffee shop, bookstore, or a bar that serves coffee or expresso
specialty drinks”. Words such as barista, expresso, latte, and cappuccino, certainly raise the passions of Italians, for good reason.
Coffee drinking in Italy dates back to the 16 th Century.
“Biggby’s” is also beginning to open a few very small outlets
called B-Cubes, which simply offer a drive-thru or walk-up
window. Currently, there is one in Saugatuck, with one in
Stevensville soon to open.
Megan, very obviously, is passionate about what she does:
whether interviewing potential employees, training those she has
hired, working with them, or meeting and mingling with the
customers. Biggby Coffee should consider themselves lucky to
have such a gregarious employee and representative of the

Larry Wittkop presented Megan with our “signature” pen, as a
token of appreciation for a wonderful presentation.
President Odland thanked our guests, once again, for attending.

Next Week’s Greeters: Don Hodgman and Don Dobbin
Next Week’s Program: Conservancy Update with Peter TerLouw
We concluded the meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Seasonal Editarian: Art Ayers