SPOKES VOL. LXIII NO. 30                                                                                  February 21, 2017
We were greeted by Ted Weber and Melinda Gruber
President Ayers presided.
Our attendance today was the lowest I can remember. It didn’t diminish our enthusiasm, however. Hurry back Snowbirders!
We lacked a sound engineer today so President Art got things working for “God Bless America”. Our multi-talented president also offered the invocation.
Our guests were Sheryl Postma from the Hope Parent Resource Center and program presenter Cheri McCloughan.
Stu Comiskey served as our Sergeant-at-Arms.
Hope Parent Resource Center ($250 Rotary grant) – Our grant is allowing the Parent Resource Center to purchase books used is mentoring women in pregnancy or upon the birth of the baby. The goal is to have these books help young parents learn the importance of reading, talking and singing to their newborn baby and beyond. Sheryl noted that research shows how influential this is in the first three years in a child’s life. Several excellent questions came from our members.
Bob Boerma led us in singing although at times because of our numbers we sounded more like a quartet than a choir. Maybe it was the songs – “Cuddle Up a Little Closer”, “Ballin’ the Jack”, “Roll Rotary”.
* Art acknowledged the good response by Rotarians to last Thursday’s Community Dinner at the Congregational Church. It was a first-time experience for some who reported it to be a rewarding time.
* Scott Mark reminded us to submit nominations for the Club Hero Award.
* Circle Saturday, April 29 on your calendar for the Club’s annual Scholarship Fund Raiser.
* Mark Odland reported that the 2017 Speakers Series agenda is set. More information to follow.
* Do our bylaws allow the Sergeant at Arms, who administers the 50/50 drawing, to win it? I guess it does because Stu Comiskey did just that (455) and with no regrets until he drew the #10 (third week in-a-row for that number). Jean Stein’s number 449 took home the $2.
Happy Dollars:
- Only four more weeks of winter (Steve Larsen)
- More accolades for the weather (60 degrees as I write this)
- Spring training has begun – Go Cubs (Tom Renner)
- Honoring the Robotics team
We once again experienced problems with the Wellness Center AV equipment so our presenter, Sherrie Mc Cloughan, could show a video highlighting an oral history project about early South Haven and the Hale family. She was undaunted and presented an excellent program.
First, Sherrie was asked to talk about the Medal of Honor her husband, Jim, is to receive. This could have been a program all by itself. Made us proud to be Americans!
Sherrie then gave an interesting project explaining of the Oral History Projects she and her students have undertaken. Sadly, some of the projects were lost to a technology crash during production, but this one about the Hale family survived.
The Hale Department Store was founded in 1854. It was first located where Johnny’s Jewelry stands today. In its early years it was a grocery, bakery and dry good stores. The Hales overcame a devastating fire in 1890. South Haven’s development as a tourist attraction and the store’s location close to the harbor where thousands of people arrived aboard steamers paid dividends. Hale’s became known for its collection of swimsuits. For a long time George Hale and his family were able to adapt their business to the times, but the era of the big box stores led to the demise of Hale’s as we know it in 2008-09.
Here is a bit of trivia: There is still a Hale Brothers Department Store in San Francisco. Part of the Hale family, it was founded in 1890 (36 years after South Haven’s). The building is on the National Registry of Historic Places.
We closed the meeting with the “Four Way Test”.
Next Week’s Program:
Art Ayers will be the program chair. The South Haven Diversity Alliance will be featured.
Next Week’s Greeters:
Larry Wittkop and Dan Liehr.
Editarian Pinch-Hitter: Tom Renner