Posted by Dene Hadden
SPOKES VOL. LXIV NO. 6                                                                                August 8, 2017
We were greeted this morning by Don Hodgman and Bob Brickman.
President Renner opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Art Ayers invocation.
We welcomed prospective members Jeff Melvin, Joe Reeser and Rick Shorer along Heather Chalupa from “Light Up the Night” and our speaker, Edward Delong.
Bob Boerma led us in song this morning and guest Edward Delong immediately recognized our song selection from the iTunes top 100 – from the early 1900’s.  We began with “I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" was a popular song. The music was written by Joseph E. Howard, the lyrics by Will M. Hough and Frank R. Adams. The song was published in 1909. It was first introduced in the 1909 musical The Prince Of Tonight. We followed that with “The Good Old Summertime”, written in 1902.  Blanche Ring, who had helped the writers arrange the number's piano score, was enthusiastic about it and at her urging it was added to the 1902 musical comedy show "The Defender" she was appearing in. The song was a hit from the opening night, with the audience often joining in singing the chorus.  We finished with “Sing a Song to Rotary”.
Heather Chalupa was at our meeting to accept a check for Light up the Night fundraiser for South Haven Public Schools.  She explained that the fundraiser was in its 4th year and has raised about $40,000 in the first three years.  It includes pre-race activities, the actual 5K race/walk and eating and music after the race.  They are very pleased with the families and community members who participate in the event.  This year’s event will occur on September 30.
  • Don’t forget the Club Runner App for your phones, it’s a great resource!
  • Dorothy Lockwood and Rhonda Wendzel are working with the visitor’s bureau on Haven Harvest, scheduled for October 21st.
  • Our annual summer/fall picnic will be held at the Gruber cottage on Tuesday evening, August 15.  Beverages and meat will be provided.  Please bring a dish to pass and a couple of chairs.  No meeting that morning.  Directions will follow.
  • The sign up list for the next pancake breakfast is being passed around.  We need all hands on deck!
  • If you know folks with antique cars, remind them about the car show at the fly-in.
  • You should have received at least one electronic copy of your quarterly bill.  You only have to pay once, no matter how many copies you received.
Don Kitchin had the lucky ticket this morning and drew the “2” to win half of the pot.  As a newer member, Don did not know that it is tradition to split the winnings with his tablemates.  Steve Larsen won the $2 prize.
  • Jerry Gruber celebrated a birthday this week
  • Bob Stickland added his name to the birthday list
  • Steve Larsen’s son Lars celebrated his 14th birthday
  • Jim Davis remembered that it was his son Randy’s birthday this week.
  • All of the birthday celebrants asked for the silent treatment, but we sang our famous Ludington style birthday song in spite of their wishes.
  • Glenn and Mary Pietenpol are celebrating an anniversary this week.
  • A number of Rotarians had pictures in the paper, including Tom Renner, Rhonda Wendzel, Don Kitchin, Tony Martorano, Jim Davis and probably others who still owe money.
  • Jerry Portman noted that his mother-in-law left after a month long visit this morning.
  • Steve Larsen and family are headed to Yellowstone and the west for some white-water rafting.
  • Bob Copping had a quiz for us about a parsley farmer.
  • Paul Hemmeter noted that one club wants to add a fifth test to the Four Way Test, “Is it Fun?”.  We already do that without saying!
  • Deb Davidson is headed to Kentucky with grandson Sean to watch the solar eclipse.
  • Joe Reeser was heavily fined for political advertising.
  • Larry Wittkop learned that if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.  We also learned that the definition of a pack of dogs is two dogs.
  • Bob McAlear reminded everyone that we are in the middle of a spectacular meteor shower.
  • Tom Ruesink advertised the St. Joe car show this weekend.
  • Jerry Portman was proud that our town has three Medal of Honor winners.
Dene Hadden introduced our speaker this morning, Edward DeLong, our representative to the World Affairs Seminar.
Edward began by thanking us for sponsoring him as a delegate to the WAS.He described the experience as “life-changing”.Edward attended the WAS as a sponsored student by our Rotary Club three years ago, attended on his own buck last year and returned for his third year when we had the opportunity to send two students this summer.
Edward showed a short video about the WAS to give us an idea what delegates can expect.
He followed that by talking about the seminar’s topics the past three years and how he was influenced by how discussions took place.He said that a key part of the seminar’s work focused on getting young adults to understand that having a different opinion than someone else does not prevent civil discourse, understanding and even friendship.The overall theme of the WAS is “Peace through Understanding”.
He reviewed the speakers and the schedule of the seminar, emphasizing the quality of the speakers and the fun and productive activities that are part of the seminar.
Edward, who will attend Eastern Michigan University this fall to study pre-med, will be a recruiter for the WAS in the Ypsilanti area and return to the World Affairs Seminar as a counselor next summer.
President Renner presented Edward our speaker’s gift and we were proud to see that our money was well spent and had such a profound effect on Edward.
Next week’s program: Picnic at the Gruber cottage next week.  No morning meeting.  Bring a dish to pass and a folding chair.
Next week’s Greeters:  The Grubers
Editarian:  Dene Hadden