Posted by Dene Hadden on Dec 17, 2019
SPOKES VOL. LXVI NO. 24                                                                               December 17, 2019
We were greeted this morning by Steve Larsen and Dan Liehr
President Odland opened this week’s meeting with “God Bless America” and Tom Renner followed that with our invocation in the absence of Art Ayers who is undergoing cataract surgery this morning.
This morning one of our members dropped a $100 bill from his pocket and once it was determined that the bill belonged to Ross Woodhams, Ross generously donated that bill to our We Care collection.  By the end of our meeting this morning Tom Reusink had collected over $3,000 to be donated to We Care, a new record for our club.
Our Guests this morning included our speaker, Dr. Trevor Kubatzke and Marla Bruemmer from Project Pathway.
Mark introduced Marla Bruemmer who initiated Project Pathway at South Haven High School.  Marla began this program five years ago .  It involved eight students who planed opportunities for students at SHHS to explore career pathways by meeting with professionals from a number of career pathways.  This year there are three events scheduled.  On January 16th there will be a resume’ writing and mock interview event, followed on February 21st when a number of professionals from the creative arts will talk about how they began their careers and what their lives are like.  In March the expo will focus on the medical profession.  Marla would really like to include Rotarians as volunteers to present at these expos, and especially needs help with the resume’ and mock interview session.
The Project Pathway program also resulted in the placement of the Ram at the front entrance of the high school.
  • Welcome back Korky Ingersol!
  • President Odland presented our chef, Matt Schaffer with a Christmas bonus for his dedication and hard work.
  • December 17th is the Open Door Dinner at the Methodist Church.  Servers should be there by 5:45 in shirts and hats (and pants and shoes). 
  • December 21st is our day to do the Salvation Army Bell Ringing.  Schedule will follow.
  • There will be no meetings on December 24, and 31.
  • We received a nice thank you note from Dorothy Lockwood who had successful surgery and is undergoing additional treatments for the next few weeks.
  • Election of Officers took place this morning when the slate of officers presented by the Board was elected by voice vote.  New officers include President Dan Thompson, President Elect Bill Roberts, Secretary Rhonda Wendzel, Treasurer Bob Straits and new Board members Kaleigh Eddy and Rosalie Plechaty.
  • Newly elected Treasurer Bob Straits announced that bills for dues, breakfasts and Christmas dinner will be mailed out soon.
  • Bob Boerma reminded us the final Performance Series of the year is tonight at Peace Lutheran Church and features the South Bend Singers.  Free Admission
We had a snafu with the songs this morning as we were prepared to sing one set and then the music began with an entirely different set of songs.Song leader Bob Boerma used his conducting skills to get us on track however, leading us in an amazing, for us, version of one of our favorites, “Smile, Sing a Song”.
President Odland had the lucky ticket this morning and in a display of generosity, only won half of the pot.  Ross Woodhams won the $2 prize.
  • Jean Stein another December birthday this week, one of the five in her family this month, including her own.
  • Jim and Steffin Davis have birthdays this week.
  • Kevin Schooley is celebrating the birthday of his youngest, daughter and Miss South Haven Katy who turns 18.
  • Deb Davidson is also celebrating the 18th birthday of her grandson Markus this week.
  • Don Dobbins and his lovely wife Joan are celebrating an anniversary this week.
  • Steve Miles is celebrating the birthday of a niece and nephew this week.
  • Korky Ingersol and the lovely Linda are celebrating their 48th anniversary this week.
  • Tom Fleming and his son and Fleming Bros. Oil Company are celebrating birthdays this week.  Fleming Bros. has been in business for 61 years!
  • According to Bob, Delores Stickland and their daughter are both celebrating birthdays this week.
  • Larry Wittkop reminded us that it is Tony Martorano’s birthday again this week.
  • Kaleigh Eddy reminded us of a big birthday – Jesus – on December 25th.
  • Nick Tuit’s granddaughter Libby is celebrating a birthday this week.
Jeremy Burleson introduced our speaker, Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, president of LMC.  Dr. Kubatzke has had a long career in community college education and has led LMC for about three years.
Dr. Kubatzke began with a review of what has been going on at LMC this past year.  He noted that the nursing program at LMC is celebrating its 50th year this year..  They are going to introduce some of the nursing programs to the South Haven campus next year to meet the demands of health care providers in our community.  He also indicated that the college staff has been reviewing and has now revised their mission statement to make it clear and concise and make sure it focuses on education, innovation and experiences.
They now serve about 4,000 students in all locations.
He invited us to tour and take advantage of the new Welch Wine and Viticulture center or the new Hansen Tech Center.  He said that all of their construction projects will be completed this spring including the new Allied Health Center.  He also said that the college has purchased two semi-tractor and trailers and will be offering CDL classes in Benton Harbor and South Haven.
He is proud that LMC offers the whole college experience with dorms and collegiate athletics.  In fact the Women’s Basketball team reached the national championships last year, finishing 7th.
He also invited us to enjoy the various event offered at the Mendel Center, including the Speakers Series.  This series will feature Henry Winkler next spring.
He indicated that a focus of the administration this past year was on people and on reducing turn over in their staff.
In answer to a question, he indicated that the college is not only in very good shape financially, but is an outstanding deal for students beginning college.
He also invited us to take a class at the college and suggested their “Wines of the World” class offered in Benton Harbor and will hopefully be offered in South Haven next year.
President Odland thanked Dr. Kubatzke for his very informative presentation and bestowed one of our valuable speaker’s gifts on him.
We closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
No Meeting December 24th or December 31st – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
January 7th Program:  Stuart Comiskey
Greeters:  Nick Tuit and Rosalie Plechaty
Editarian:  Dene Hadden