SPOKES VOL. LXXV NO. 36 March 19,2019
We were greeted this morning by Kathleen Brickley and Steve

President Odland opened our meeting, proclaiming that today’s
meeting was the “final meeting of winter”! We then sang “My
Country ‘tis of Thee”, followed by Art Ayers’ invocation, which
included prayers of comfort for the McAlear family, as they
grieve the death of Bob’s brother.
GUESTS: Soon-to-be inducted member, Kevin Schooley, and
representatives from the SH High School’s Robotics Team
(Ramageddon): Sponsor Kim Wise, and students Alex
Rummel(junior), Taylor Vincent(senior), and Jacob

NEW MEMBER INDUCTION: Kevin Schooley, Superintendent-South Haven Public Schools.
Kevin has attended our meetings for the past 6 weeks, and his
membership was recently approved by the Board.
His sponsor, Steve Miles, formally introduced Kevin and
presented him with our membership materials and name badge.
President Odland officially welcomed Kevin to the SH Rotary
Club, and proudly announced that we have added 8 new members since December! WELCOME, Kevin!

President Odland then requested that one photograph be taken of
all of those new members, and another be taken with those
members AND their sponsors. Tom Renner gladly complied, while the rest of us were focused on the fines to be collected, should the pictures by published in the newspaper :).

New member updates for the directory were available for pick-up, following the meeting.
*March 21 st - Thursday Night Supper at the First Congregational
*April 12th - Blessings in a Backpack
*President Odland highlighted a few articles from the Herald-
Palladium: “SH Airport named ‘Airport of the Year’”, and “150
Years of Beautiful Sunsets”. Rosalie Plechaty is the Chair of the kickoff event for South Haven’s Sesquicentennial. The “event” will be a picnic and will be held on May 10 th .
* 3 Blondes Brewing will be hosting the “After Hours” gathering Thursday the 21 st .
* This will mark the 47th year that the South Haven Rotary Club has participated at the SH Airport Fly-in during the Blueberry
Today, it was Program #4: “You Tell Me Your Dream; I’ll Tell You
Mine”, “Bill Bailey”, and “Rotary, My Rotary”.
Jim Davis was at the “helm” and, again, with students in
attendance this week, it had to be a culture shock for them to
not only hear these songs, but also to hear us SING THEM :):)
Sergeant-at-Arms Stuart Comiskey chose Tom Rummel’s son, Alex, as our “honest and reliable” candidate to draw our first winning ticket. The winning ticket belonged to Art Ayers, who then proceeded to draw card #2!!!!!!! Art was given the pot but returned it to the club. Korky Ingersoll received the $2 prize with the second winning ticket.
*Mark Odland will soon be celebrating 70 years; as a result, he
will miss next week’s meeting.
*Art Ayers mentioned that son Garrett’s 40 th birthday will be
Thursday, the 21 st .
In addition to many HAPPY BUCKS…
*Mark Odland mentioned the gorgeous moon
*Bob Copping shared a story about a man who flagged down a taxi, sharing with the driver that he had perfect timing “just like
Frank”. The man then proceeded to tell about the exploits of
this man, Frank, who could play championship tennis and golf,
could sing opera, and play the piano beautifully. The taxi
driver said, ”He sounds very special. How did you meet him?” The man then replied that, actually, he had never met Frank, but HE DID have the pleasure of marrying his widow :):)
*Larry Wittkop- “All the way, Spartans”
*Korky Ingersoll also voiced his support for MSU, as did Scott
*Art Ayers wondered how many noticed that, in referencing Dan
Thompson in last week’s SPOKES, he referred to Dan TOMLINSON. Nobody apparently caught the error; hopefully, that’s not an indication of how many are reading SPOKES. Art explained that Dan Tomlinson is a friend from Three Rivers and, he inadvertently, entered the wrong name. Art paid his fine, and
hopes it won’t happen again…Dan does TOO :):)
*Paul Hix said it certainly is “beautiful to see the sun again”.
PROGRAM: Team Ramageddon-South Haven High School’s Robotics Team #4855
Tom Rummel, Program Chair, introduced the team members: Alex Rummel, Taylor Vincent, and Jacob Florey, and their sponsor, Kim Wise.
Before turning the program over to our guests, Tom emphasized
that the skills gained in being a part of the SH Robotics Team
have been tremendously beneficial to those who have graduated.
Many have received internships and have been involved with
mentoring other robotics programs.
The team competes in FIRST robotic competitions. FIRST= “For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”.
The program was founded as a way to promote the science and
engineering fields. A typical season involves an early January
kickoff event, where every team is given the rules of the year’s
challenge. After that, they have 6 weeks to design, build, test,
and revise the robot used to complete the challenge.
When the program began, there were 14 members; now, there are 32 students, 2 coaches, 7 mentors, and 2 robots (Aurora, the
competition robot, and Borealis, the practice robot.
This year’s theme- “Destination Deep Space-2019” An open house was held a few weeks ago, and there were over 200
people in attendance!
Rotary has been involved from the beginning.
Various internal “teams” make it all happen:
*The Leadership Team
Positions are created to teach and guide new team members.
*The Business Team
Leads fundraising and marketing efforts, as well as organizes
events for the team. Last year, the business plan and the presentation won the Entrepreneurship Award at Gull Lake.
*The Programming and Electrical Team
Writes the code that makes the robot perform.
*CAD(Computer-Aided Design) Team
Uses computer software to design the different aspects of the
robot to better visualize ideas that they have before assembly.
*The Build Team
Tests prototypes, brainstorms, and builds the robot.
*The Safety Team
Creates the Safety Handbook, the Tool and Equipment Manual,
Creates Safety Tips and Tricks, and monitors an Injury Log.
Only the top 160 teams qualify for the State Competition.
Last year, Team 4855 finished in position 129 out of 508 teams.
However, based on their performance at State, they advanced to
80 th in the state. At the World Competition in Detroit, there were 405 teams from over 70 countries. The top 87 teams from Michigan were represented at the World Competition.
Last weekend, at Gull Lake, the team placed 3rd in the
competition; they also received the Autonomous Award and were the runners up for the Safety Award. We had the pleasure of viewing a short video from that competition.

Their next competition will be held March 29-30 at East Kentwood High School. They will be returning to the East Kentwood competition for the 4 th time.
“Ramageddon” is currently 46th in the state rankings, out of a
total of 542 teams! The top 160 teams advance to the State
Championship. It is felt that the East Kentwood competition
should solidify their position for the State Competition.
Kim Wise and the students took a few questions from those in
attendance, before we ran out of time.
President Odland and the club enthusiastically thanked Kim and
the students for their wonderful presentation. Tom Rummel then
presented each with our traditional Rotary pen as another token
of our thanks.
Next Meeting: March 26, 2019; Dan Thompson will be our Meeting Chair.
Program Chair: Tom Renner
Program: Tara Gillette, Region IV Agency on Aging, Service to
Greeters: Jeremy Burleson/Bob McAlear
We concluded our meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Art Ayers, Seasonal Editarian