October 20, 2020

President Thompson welcomed everyone, and we opened with the “Pledge of Allegiance", followed by Art Ayers’ invocation, which offered continuing prayers for Mike Livovich and the Averill family.

Our Program Speaker, Kate Hosier, City Manager for the City of South Haven

Music to get us “Pumped”: John Denver and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band- “Thank God, I’m a Country Boy” President Thompson requests that you send him a message if the music came across flawed in any way.

Helping distribute food from the food truck yesterday were several Rotarians and spouses: Don and Elaine Kitchin, Tony Martorano
Dan Thompson, Art and Kris Ayers

Helping remove flowers from the Dyckman Bridge on Wednesday were eighteen Rotarians and their spouses. A full listing was not at once available; however, they did include: Mark and LaRae Odland, Tom and Karen Ruesink, Nick and Nancy Tuit, Jim and Julie Bradford, Mary Sue Lyon, Tom Renner

Within the last week, President Thompson presented Mayor Scott Smith, and City Manager Kate Hosier, with the final payment of the $17,500 pledge that the Rotary Club of South Haven made towards the construction of the Splashpad.

The Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21st, at 11am, on the north side of Stanley Johnston Park.

Next week’s meeting will feature Jeffrey Dick’s induction ceremony.

Fundraisers - There is a great deal of interest/ support in the utility ministry of We Care, INC. Those wishing to help form a committee to plan such a virtual event, please let one of our Board members know.

No plans yet for any in-person meetings

Thanks to Bill Roberts for his role in keeping us focused on scheduling programs and offering alternatives. ALSO, the club is attempting to gather all “tribal knowledge” related to our pancake breakfasts, to get everything documented in writing. Please let Bill know of any such information which would be useful to future pancake planners.

There will be a Membership Committee meeting on Thursday, 11 a.m.

November 3rd program will be a presentation by Dr. David Meyers, from the Psychology Department at Hope College. Dr. Meyers will be speaking on the topic of “COVID Fatigue” (over and under reactions to COVID, and how to deal with such differences).

MANY THANKS to Bob Brickman for continuing to update our Rotary Directory!!

Meal Survey - President Thompson shared the results of those who responded to the Meal Survey:

14.29% favored a full breakfast
48.57% favored a continental breakfast
17.14% favored coffee only
20.00% favored anything the Board decided
The 23 comments were also shared.

DECIDED: When we again meet in-person, a continental breakfast will be offered. There will be no specific charge; however, there will be an “honor pot” ($2 for coffee, $3 for a roll)

COPPING’s COMEDY RELIEF - Today’s graphic brought back memories of Car 54, Where AreYou? (Toody and Muldoon) With the focus on health and happiness, Bob was questioned by his doctor, regarding which drink, coffee or orange juice, made him “happier” ...He indicated that OJ was the choice, and the doctor figured the Vitamin C and natural sugars made the difference. Bob, however, disagreed...” I say it’s the vodka!”

Tom Ruesink mentioned that he was having difficulty “getting on” ClubRunner.

Bob Stickland was celebrating his son, a life-long water skier, who had cancer surgery a few weeks ago, and recently received the news that he was ALL CLEAR!!!

Mike Livovich was celebrating that his white blood cell count had increased! As Mike began losing some hair during his chemotherapy, his granddaughter suggested that she dye his remaining hair blue, and Mike is wearing it proudly!Mike also thanked Bob Stickland for sharing a book on Asperger Syndrome with him.

Nick Tuit mentioned his daughter-in-law, Kelly, recently celebrated a birthday.

Dene Hadden mentioned that his grandson and son had recent birthdays.

Mark Odland, on behalf of SHOUT and Rotary, thanked Kate Hosier for arranging to have a front-end loader at the Dyckman Bridge for the flower removal.

Jean Stein mentioned that her granddaughter coaches an equestrian team; not only that, but last weekend, her granddaughter’s sister won the state competition in Midland!!

Rosalie Plechaty indicated that only 10 games of South HavenOPOLY remain for sale; thus, 340 have been sold- a most welcome $10,000 contribution to SHOUT!! MANY THANKS, Rosalie!!

+Larry Wittkop did a marvelous job, I THINK, in leading the singing of “Happy Birthday”

DRAWINGS: Tom Ruesink found “Honest and Reliable” Kate Hosier to choose our first number 8 (Stuart Comiskey) Stuart then chose the number 21 (Bill Roberts)Enjoy your “winnings”!!  

PROGRAM: South Haven City Manager Kate Hosier

Following an introduction by Mary Sue Lyon, Kate joined us for her presentation, dealing with the city’s priorities and projects:

Study and Manage the Highwater Levels in the Black River and Lake Michigan

Development of “Missing Middle and Work Force” Housing Options

Economic Development Efforts


Maritime District Maintenance and Improvements


Central Business District Maintenance and Improvements

Upcoming Road Projects


Parks, Public Spaces, and Recreation

Following her presentation, Kate addressed several questions from our membership. President Thompson thanked Kate for her detailed and interesting presentation and, on behalf of the SH Rotary Club, presented her with a gift certificate from Clementine’s.

NEXT WEEK’s PROGRAM: “The Life of a Conservation Officer”, Pete Swanson Program Chair

We adjourned with the Four-Way Test

Art Ayers, Substitute Editarian, as Dene rehabs his shoulder. Take care, Dene!