November 8, 2022
Meeting started promptly at 7 a.m. with the pledge of allegiance.
Art Ayers gave the invocation thankful for a country that gives us the Freedom to Vote.
Guests-La Rae Odland and Clark Gruber!  Welcome!
We had 2 Zoomers Today
Bob Brickman
Brandon Hinz
Bob Boerma led us in singing 3 Songs Today.
Gentle on My Mind
I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy
Anchors Away
Thanks Bob!
Fri- November 11- 9a.m. Hanging Greens on Dyckman Bridge
District Recognition 100%- for selling all of the raffle tickets!
Dana Hullinger- November 22, 2022. Membership Committee is asked to stay after to help compile a new Rotary Brochure. Anyone else interested is welcome to stay also.
Mark Odland- Shout out to 4 Members at the Imagination to Action Air Zoo in Kalamazoo over the weekend! Amy Nichols did a presentation!
Melinda Gruber- Shout out to our Greeters! Other clubs that have visited have remarked on how welcoming our greeters have been and let their clubs know to step it up in the greeting department!
We have 2 new member applications!!!!
  1.  Blessings in a Backpack is this Thursday, Nov. 10th.  10:30am at North Shore School
  2. Our next Social Event is Wed. Nov. 9th starting at 5:30pm at Three Blonds
  3. Our Salvation Army Bell Ringing Service Project is scheduled for Dec. 10th, Griffin has a sign-up sheet.
  4. Our Holiday Party will be Dec. 14th at the new location for Phoenix St. Café, now the closed Congregation restaurant on Broadway.
  5. Dec. 20th will be our evening to serve a Community Dinner at the United Methodist Church.  Details to come on number needed, timing, etc.
  6. Rotary International has a float in the Rose Bowl Parade every year and our Club has supported the cost of the float for the past several years.  The board will be deciding on whether or not to support the 2023 Rose Bowl Parade float, but I thought I would give everyone a “sneak peak” at what it will be.  A friend of mine helps to build the RI float every year and will be heading to LA to help this year, so he had these photos to share with me when I saw him last weekend.  Our float’s theme:  Imagination and Hope.
Comedy Relief- Bob Copping told us about the Minister who skipped Church to go hunting and ran into a Grizzly Bear….
50/50 Raffle
Tom Fleming won the Raffle Today and also the Pot!  He donated it back to the cause.
Clark Gruber drew his own winning ticket for the consolation prize!  Hey now!
Dan Thompson- Son – Commander Andrew Thompson Celebrated his 42nd Birthday Last Week Friday!
Angelica- Mentioned her mother Celebrated a Birthday!
Don Hodgeman- Birthday is Saturday!
Tom Renner- Debbie’s  Birthday is tomorrow! Youngest Daughter Becky is having Breast Cancer Surgery in St. Louis.
Jerry Portman- Son in Law is 50
Dean Hadden- Grand Son Brooks turns 15-Son and Daughter in Law Celebrate a 20th Wedding Anniversary
Bob- Nov 14 is his Daughters Birthday!
Jon- Oldest Son turns 50 on Saturday!
Happy Bucks
Angelica wanted to Thank Mary Sue and Rosalie for coming to the VDC Gather, Giggle and Give Event on Saturday!
Clark Gruber- Happy that John Bright's desk adorns his condo!
Art Ayers- Many thanks to Angelica and husband Nick for Rotary Bonding that happened while getting the presentation together for today!
Art Ayers is our Presenter today!  Telling us about Ngoswani!
Mary Sue Lyon thanked Art Ayers for his presentation. The meeting was adjourned promptly at 8 a.m. with  the Four Way Test. Please join us at 7 a.m. on November 15, 2022 at Peace Lutheran Church for our next in person meeting, sponsored by Larry Wittkop, we welcome HTS, presented by Will Rogers.
Respectfully submitted: Sandra S. Reno