SPOKES VOL. LXIV NO. 18                                                                               November 7, 2017
We opened our meeting with an acapella version of “God Bless America” and Art Ayers offered our invocation.  President Renner also reminded us to vote today!
Our guests today included our speaker, Commissioner of the Michigan Lottery and friend of the club Aric Nesbit, Mayor Bob Burr and prospective member Dan Thompson.
There was no spotlight today, but President Renner provided copies of the proceeds from our pancake breakfasts and the recent Haven Harvest beer and wine tent for members to look over.  He will be sending out a confidential survey concerning these events this week, and will also include some possibilities for restructuring (or keeping the same) our educational fundraiser next spring.
Jim Davis was our song leader this morning, assisted by Jerry Gruber and Dottie.  Dottie couldn’t not play “My Country ‘tis of Thee” so we started with that before moving to “Baby Face”, the 1926 hit that was also recorded by Little Richard and even Bobby Darin in the 50’s and 60’s.  We followed that with “California Here I Come” which Al Jolson sang in the musical “Bombo” in 1921.  Both of these songs had tricky parts and it sounded a little like we were doing them “Ludington style”.  We finished with “Rotary my Rotary”.
  • Snowbirds are reminded to let Bob Straits and Rhonda know when you will be gone and to take care of your financial arrangements prior to leaving.
  • Members are encouraged to move around each week so you get to know your fellow Rotarians, especially new members.
  • Our next Blessings in a Backpack work session is scheduled for Thursday, November 9th at 1:30PM.   Let Rhonda know if you will be able to help.
  • Our Christmas Party has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th at Hawkshead.  Please put this date on your calendar.
  • Elian Garcia, the young man working on his Eagle Scout project to put IED’s in the library, held a pancake breakfast at the Congregational Church last Sunday and has reached his goal of $1500!
  • Our first Thursday night supper is next week.  Please keep that date in mind.
  • Thanks were offered for the tremendous amount of work Dorothy Lockwood and Rhonda Wendzel put in for our club, especially the recent fundraiser and our shirt project.
Barry Winkel had the correct ticket this week, but then his luck ran out as he drew the Ace rather than the more lucrative 2 or 4.  Jerry Portman had the second drawing winning ticket and was surprised that he had won $2.
  • Tom Renner paid for a number of Renner family birthdays.
  • Aric Nesbit is celebrating his first anniversary this week which earned him a Ludington style anniversary song.
  • Bob Copping had a humorous riddle for us.
  • Mayor Burr reminded us that this coming weekend is the annual “Women’s Weekend” in south Haven.
  • Tom Fleming reminded us that it is Big 10 Tuesday at local Shell stations this week if you have a fuel rewards card.
  • Bob Stickland was proud of the Green and White, Jerry Portman and Dorothy Lockwood for covering his greeter duties next week.
  • Jeremy Burleson was proud of his Chippewa’s for their victory over WMU this week.
  • Art Ayers was proud of the Lions this week.
  • Jerry Portman thanked all for their support and congratulations as he paid a huge fine for appearing on the front page of the paper this week.  He suggested we search for the song “I Just Wanted to Leave Something Behind” to get some insight to why he and his wife made the donation of their land.
  • Deb Davidson was all “Go Hawkeyes” this morning.
Dan Leihr introduced our speaker, Commissioner of the Michigan State Lottery System, Aric Nesbit.
Aric began by thanking us for the work we do and the support we give to our community.He had a Powerpoint presentation he had copied and provided to us about the lottery system in Michigan as he highlighted important information for us.
The Michigan Lottery began in 1972 after the people voted to allow a state lottery.One of the reasons it was proposed was to legalize the “numbers game” that was controlled by the Mafia.The very first prize was for $1 million plus other prizes.
The lottery has reached $3 billion in gross sales this year.Of that $242 million has gone to retailers and $2 billion to winners.
There is a “Bell Curve” of participants, with the thickest part of the curve including players who make between $50,000 and $100,000 a year and have a bachelor’s degree or skilled trade certification.Seventy one percent of the people in the state buy at least one ticket a year.
Of each dollar you spend on a ticket, 29% goes to the school aide fund, 59% goes to pay prize money, 9% goes to retailers and 3% goes to administer they system.
The commission also controls charitable gaming in the state, which includes Bingo, raffles and similar events.Those bring in $60 million a year for non-profits in the state each year.
To take advantage of on-line resources, Michigan allows residents to join the ilottery system where they can buy lottery tickets and other gaming opportunities.The most interesting thing about this system is that it allows the state to limit the gambling of problem members.
Aric also mentioned a couple of scams that they have to keep an eye out for in the system.
He reminded all of us that the Michigan Lottery system is to provide entertainment and really focuses on their motto, “Knowing your limits is your best bet.”
Dan provided Aric with one of our speaker’s gifts and thanked him for presenting.
We closed the meeting with the Rotary Four Way Test.
Next week’s program: Helpful Hints for Daily Living by Steve Larsen
Next week’s Greeters:  Dorothy Lockwood and Paul Hix
Editarian:  Dene Hadden