SPOKES VOL. LXVIII NO.18                                                                                                 November 30,
President Bill Roberts called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.
The invocation today was by Pastor Jeffrey Dick, praying of Thankfulness for this season of Hannukah, Advent the Celebration of Light , Goodwill towards all and our Memberships service to others.  
We have received a membership application from Brandon Hinz.
 We received another Thank You from the Hope Western Prison Education Program from Brenda Dieffenbach, Western Theological Seminary office of advancement.
 I toured the Scott Club on Saturday November 29th and what a fantastic job they have done with the renovations that have been completed.
 We received a resignation letter from Tony Martorano. In his letter Tony said “I would like to thank the many Rotarians for the good times and wish you all well in the future.” Tony joined Rotary on January 16th 2007. As many of you know, Tony was all-in at every event he volunteered for. So if you see Tony thank him for his friendship, commitment and service.
 The Christmas Party is next Tuesday December 7th. The event will be at the Moose Lodge 1025 East Wells Street, South Haven. Drinks at 6:00 pm Dinner at 7:00 pm, RSVP to Rhonda by the end of the day today. Cash Bar.
 The two blessings in back pack dates are December 2nd and December 9th. This event begins at 10:30 at North Shore School. Vaccinations and masks are required. Enter in the main vestibule and wait to be buzzed in and register at the main desk.
 The Holiday Train Display and Christmas Tree Silent Auction. The event runs from December 2, 2021 till January 2, 2022, Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 pm till 7:30 pm, Saturdays 12:00 pm till 7:30pm and Sundays from 2:00pm till 6:00 pm. Toy donations accepted for Project Christmas Hope. To volunteer at the Holiday Train Display and silent auction go to WWW.VOLUNTEERSIGNUP.ORG/MA748
 I’m still looking for someone to organize a few or many people to take on these responsibilities and from time to time assure that each upcoming meeting we’ll have someone assigned to cover these jobs.
 Coffee – Come in about 6:30 to make coffee. Barry Winkel has purchased many supplies and has mastered the process, but will not be available at this time for every meeting to make coffee.
 Bringing Donuts or Rolls, etc. Someone needs to make or order, pick-up and bring in donuts or rolls at about 6:45 am for selected meetings. Any costs associated with this activity is reimbursed by our treasurer. Rhonda and Mark volunteered early on to do this each once and I’ve been getting well known at the Meijers bakery.
Ross Woodhams has graciously volunteered to come in to set up the  Microphones and Speakers – Come in between 6:30 and 6:45 to plug in and turn on the amplifier, check the microphones and volume settings.
 We need this to happen.
 I got a call yesterday informing us that the Peace Storage building has been sold and the new owner wants the stuff in the east portion of the building moved by the end of December, 2021. Our trailers are in the east portion of the building. We’ll need to find a new storage location and then arrange for moving the trailers.
50/50 and Birthday’s
Kathy Brickley drew the 50/50 Winner this week.
Pete Swanson was our winner!  He did not win the pot.
Bob Borma was the $2.00 consolation prize winner.
Mary Sue Lyons Celebrates a Birthday on Sunday.
Richard Swansons- sons Birthday.
Bob Copping’s daughter Celebrates a Birthday.
Tom- First Grandchild will be born in Luddington sometime this week.
Larry played this weeks Happy Birthday song, it was short and sweet this week!
Happy Bucks
Jeffrey Dick happy about the Buffalo Bills
Griffin Graham got a deer and was happy
Lots of happy buck sports trash talking.  Notre Dame Football, U Of M
Ross- Happy to announce that Scott Borma was in charge of the U of M Marching Band Half Time Show.
John is happy to be taking a short trip to FL
Griffin wanted to remind the membership to please sign up for the Bell ringing Saturday December 11 at Walmart and Golden Brown Bakery.
  • Shifts are now 1 hr.
Kathy Brickley Introduced Lt. Colonal David Kryzcki
David is the Director of the Van Buren county Veterans Services
  • Became the director last August
  • 5 combat Deployments
  • Legion of Merit Award Winner
  • Retired from the Army  on Sept 1, 2021,  after 30 years of service
  • Entered the Army 1987
  • Gulf War
  • College at Western Michigan University 1996
  • Commission as an Infantry Officer 1996
  • Platoon Leader x4, Company Commander X 2, Battalion Commander, Aid for the Under Secretary for the Army X 2 (Pentagon),  Military Assistant for the Under Secretary of Defense of Sustainment (Pentagon).
  • Airborne, Ranger, Air Assault, CIB, EIB, Legion of Merit, 2 X Defense Meritorious Service Medals, 3 X Bronze Stars, 5 X Meritorious Service Medals  etc….
  • 5 Combat Deployments, 3 Operational Deployments, 2 Tours in the Pentagon, 2 Tours With “The Old Guard”, 3rd US. Infantry (Presidential)
  • Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Australia, Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Africa, Iraq, Saudi Rabia, Kosovo, Bosnia etc..
Benefits the VA Provides
Benefits that help Veterans thrive if they are eligible
Update Van Buren County Veteran’s Services
  1. Benefits Please Bring
    1. DD214
    2. Marriage Certificate (if Applicable)
    3. Full / Partial Benefit Application
  2. Programs
    1. Dental Free Dental for Veterans
    2. Free Rides, (1-269-302-0237)
    3. Burial Benefit (Soldiers and sailors Relief Commission.. Relief for $300.00 for those who qualify)
    4. Emergency Relief (Soldiers and Sailors Relief Commission)
  3. Events
    1. Stand Down (VFW in Decatur)
    2. Veterans Day (South Haven, Hartford)
    3. Christmas Tree Event (Gobles)
  4. Future Projects
    1. Horticulture & Memorial Garden
    2. K-9 Service Animal Program (Just getting Started)
    3. Education Opportunities.
  5. Contact Information / Website / Phone Number
Contact Information