March 15, 2022 
Bob Straits graciously filled in today and rang the bell promptly at 7 a.m.
We stood for the pledge of allegiance.
Pastor Jeffrey Dick said the invocation and prayed for Mike Livovich, Richard Swanson and healing for Ukraine.
Thanks for the great turnout for blessings in a backpack. We had 12 people help last Thursday. 
From Last Week’s Board Meeting.
A Membership Application was received from Thomas Peelle. 
The board approved $250 to support planting a tree for Arbor day. 
The board approved $250 to support the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA). We’ll be coordinating with Kevin Schooley and the Boys and Girls club of South Haven for candidates. Registration will be accepted in April. 
Mary Sue and Melinda have a report from their recent President Elect Training (PETS). 
The educational Fundraiser will be held on April 30th at The Beeches Golf Course. 
Arbor Day Tree Planting – date to be announced. 
The Rotary transition dinner will be Thursday June 30 at Hawks Head restaurant and golf course. The golf course might be used before the dinner. See Dan Thompson to help set up the golf event. 
We are investigating to see if there is a volunteer opportunity to assist with the fourth of July parade. We have traditionally been in charge of set-up or marshalling the parade. 
We’re planning on Pancake breakfasts for Sunday July 3rd and Sunday August 14th 2022. There will be special volunteer opportunities to inventory and clean our pancake breakfast equipment before the July event. 
We’re looking for recommendations for Education and Service Award of the year, Citizen of the year, club hero and Rotarian of the year. Nomination forms re available on the front page of our website. These awards are presented at the transition dinner/event that is held at the end of June. The board decides on the citizen of the year and club hero, and acts on recommendations from the scholarship committee for Educator and Service Award of the year.
Mary Sue Lyons and Melinda Gruber reported out on the PETS
Mary Sue/ Melinda and Mark Odland all attended.
President Elect Training
  • 3 Days in Kalamazoo
  • Amazing Speakers
National Incoming President is Jennifer Jones
  • First Woman President
  • Theme is Imagine
  • She is from Canada
  • Very inspirational
Mary Sue called for a Recommitment and Re engagement of the membership to the club and the community.
  • Re engage Committees
  • Get  reinvolved
Don Hodgman – Asked for 2 Members for each position, a primary and a backup member.
All Donations made to the Disaster Recovery Fund go to the Rotary Clubs in Europe and the Ukraine to help the refugees. Rotarians raised 1.1 Million Dollars in just one week!
Melinda Gruber’s thoughts from the conference
  • Very inspiring
  • Encourages the membership to attend an in person event
  • Thanks to Mark O for his presentation highlighting our chapter.
  • Took away a message of fellowship and possibilities for our club.
  • Would like to focus on growing the membership
  • Thanked the membership for the opportunity
  • Reminded everyone that Rotary International Conference is in Houston TX this June.
Bob Strait talked about the longevity of some Rotarians.
Larry Wittkop 48 years
Ted Webber 35 years
Rom Ruesink 37 years
Bob Strait 38 years
Jerry Gruber 33 years
Bob Brickman 57 years WOW!!!
Art Bolt 43 years
No comedy relief this week. Bob Strait did give us 3 Business Principles!
Tom Ruesink
Nice to see 10 Zoomers!
Reminder about Blessings in a Backpack. 12 Rotarians were there last week!
Jerry Gruber-Great Grandchild’s Birthday 2 years’ old
Griffin told us that Wes Steven celebrates his 80th Birthday!
Art Ayers son Garrett will be 43 on Monday!
Tom Renner’s Grandson turns 30 on Saturday
Tom Ruesink was happy that he made it through the weekend (grandpa duty)
Larry Wittkop played an old timers rendition of Happy Birthday.
Happy Bucks
Deb was this week’s winner of the drawing! She did not win the pot.
Ross Woodhams won the $2.00 consolation prize.
Jean Stein’s granddaughter got a citizen and academic award, she is a senior at Caledonia.
Jeff Dick gave a dollar to thank Stuart for bringing him to Rotary today.
He then talked about his connections in Haiti where 50 young people celebrated National Woman’s Day.
Ross Woodhams was happy about Dene Hadden that he is recovering
Rosalie Plechaty- Travis is headed to Israel and thanked our newest member Tom P. for joining Rotary.
In response to a request for information about the Neighborhoods need Neighbors signs to Rosalie, she explained that she was not involved but here husband was. She summarized what was going on.
Senior Center News
  • 75 to 100 Visitors per day
Tom Ruesink – The Cinderella play was great this past weekend.
Tom – Robotics team got to the Semi Finals and won an Entrepreneurship Award!
Jerry wanted to recognize the wonderful women who made thousands of Wildflower Bombs they will scatter this spring
Emily Gruber was happy about the Cinderella Play!
Mary Sue Lyons was happy about 300 Woman in Chicago celebrating international woman’s day!
Mark Odland- proud to be at PET training last weekend.
300 New PET. He complimented Mary Sue and Melinda on how well they represented the club. The meeting was an incredible focus on youth, young adults, young people.
Jeremy was happy that it was spring break next week!
Jerry Gruber was happy that the Hope College Womans Basketball team had won and mentioned the outstanding photography done by Tom Renner for the History of Hope College book.
Tom Renner was privileged to go to the Basketball game with Jerry and is looking forward to the going to Pittsburg for the Div 3 final 4.
Bob Hodgman announced that the Ice rink was closed. The rink opened in 2002 and this year had no injuries until the very last day.
Larry Wittkop was happy that his Grandson Jake mad a 50 yard Freestyle record.
Bob Straight said Erin Go Bra!
Art and Tom Renner have been staying in touch with Mike Livovitch. Please email or send him a card to help keep his spirits lifted!
Griffin announced that Dana Hullinger will be hosting Entrepreneurship workshops on how to start a business or set up and Lc
Also that the City in Chamber Young professionals group will be going to St. Joe next Thursday to network.
Bob Strait closed the meeting with the Four Way test promptly at 8 a.m. Next week’s meeting is In Person. Dan Leihr will be sponsoring Adam Castle the Executive Director of the Red Cross of SW Michigan.