Posted by Dene Hadden
SPOKES VOL. LXV NO. 47                                                                               June 4, 2019
Bob Stickland and Barry Winkel were our greeters this morning.
President Odland opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Art Ayers provided the invocation.
Our Guest this morning included AJ Stigler and Zadie Jackson.
Zadie Jackson from the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum accepted a donation for the “Kids Collaborative”, a combination of summer programs for kids in South Haven that coordinates the efforts of Liberty Hyde Bailey, South Haven Center for the Arts, YDC-PAL, SH Public Schools, the Yacht Club,  and other summer youth programs.  A key to the program is that donations will help cover the costs of these programs for parents, with parents being asked to pay what they can afford.
Dene Hadden introduced AJ Stigler, a sophomore at South Haven High School who will be our delegate to the World Affairs Seminar later this month.  The seminar, which brings in speakers, is held at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  AJ will return later this summer for a report on the seminar, which focuses on “The Perils of Social Media” this summer.
  • Blessings in a Backpack last filling will be on Friday June 7.
  • Our annual change of officers’ dinner will occur on June 25th at Hawkshead.  Invitations to the dinner were passed out and a sign up sheet passed around.  There will also be a golf outing before the dinner and Dan Thompson has the signup sheet.
  • We had 14 Rotarians help with planting flowers on the bridge last week.
  • A Thank You note and letter were received from the History Club and Julie Sheppard thanking us for our support and for her honor.
  • A number of our members participated in the We Care Golf Outing yesterday and others will be involved in the Bronson Foundation outing on Friday.
  • We are looking to bring in Jim Hettinger, a consultant with the city, to speak to us in early July.  He will be looking for folks to spend individual time with him talking about economic development.
  • There will be an organ and trumpet concert at Peace Lutheran Church June 9th at 3:00.
  • Bob Copping provided flyers outlining events included in the Speaker’s Series, the Performance Series and the Theatre Series.
Bob Boerma was our leader this morning, a fact he highlighted near the end of our third selection.We began with the 1912 barbershop quartet hit, “On Moonlight Bay”.That was followed by the slightly livelier “Oh, You Beautiful Doll’ from 1911.We finished with one of our favorites, “Smile, Sing a Song” which we did standing up and included a repeat of the final line under the special directions of our song leader.
    Jean Stein had the lucky ticket this morning and added to her luck by drawing the “2” and winning half of the pot.Jim Davis won the $2 prize.
    • Jerry Gruber was pleased to announce his son Derrick and granddaughters Carley and Emily had birthdays this week.
    • Steve Miles celebrated his parent’s anniversary this week.
    • Scott Mark had a birthday this week.
    • Dene Hadden announced that his wife Linda is excited to celebrate another year of marriage to her husband on Thursday.
    • Bob McAlear added a new puppy to his family.
    • Nick Tuit celebrated his son’s birthday.
    • Pete Swanson had a grandson’s birthday celebration.
    • Jim Davis celebrated the birthday ofa granddaughter.
    • Bob Copping is celebrating the birthday of his lovely wife Jane this week.
    • Stuart Comiskey gets a double birthday celebration of his twin granddaughters this week.
    • Don Hodgman will be gone next week for his 48th annual fishing trip deep into the cold woods of Canada.
    • Bob Boerma talked to us about his daughter’s trip to Africa as part of the GVSU biology department, which she heads and mentioned that by happenstance his son and daughter-in-law were the at the same time and were able to meet for an afternoon.
    Mark Odland led us in a club Assembly
    Mark asked everyone to check their email for a Survey Monkey survey about our club and fill it out.  Nearly half of our members have completed the survey which will be used to look at various aspect of our operation, including music selection and breakfast menu.
    He added that he is putting the final touches on the greeter/speaker schedule.  He noted that we will not have meetings after big activates as RI allows us to count the activity as a meeting.
    Don Hodgman spoke about the July 7th Pancake Breakfast and the need to increase attendance at that breakfast.  He suggested that we print pre-sale tickets and each member buy a minimum number and then sell or give them away individually.  In addition we will try and increase the visibility of the event.  There are two other pancake breakfasts that morning but we offer the best breakfast of all.  We will also work on some targeted marketing using the idea “Support us so we can support you’, theme.
    We also talked about the price of our breakfasts and the great deal it is but decided that there would be no increase this year as our margins are very good at this time.
    Scott Mark mentioned that he and a small committee are working on a raffle program for the Blueberry Festival pancake breakfast.
    We received an update concerning Tony Martorano and he is doing well and expects to be back next week.
    President Odland closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
    Next week’s program: Brian Saxton and Serving the Youth
    Greeters:  Bob Stickland and Paul Hix.
    Editarian:  Dene Hadden