June 21, 2022
Meeting started promptly at 7 a.m. with the pledge of allegiance.
Art Ayers gave our invocation today, praying for the healing of our nation and also for Mike Livovitch who is thankful for all of the cards, call and e-mails from the membership.
Today we welcome 2 guests!
Bob Filbrandt
Jill Brickman
  1. Thanks to all of the members who have already signed up to join one or more of our committees.  If you have interest in joining a committee, please connect with:
    1. Dan Thompson or Kaileigh Eddy for Membership Committee
    2. Angelica Gallegos-Dickerson for Program Committee
    3. Melinda Gruber for the new Youth Services Committee
    4. Mary Sue Lyon for the Public Image Committee
  2. We need volunteers for the July 3rd Pancake Breakfast – both for set up on July 2nd and the day of, see Don Hodgman to sign up for a slot or 2.  The sign-up sheet will be circulating the room.
  3. We also need volunteers to be marshals for the July 4th parade.  We need someone with a truck to pick up & return 125 cones from DPW at 8:00am on the 4th (or the evening before) for delivery to the H.S. parking lot and some to be dropped off at each intersection of the parade route.  The sign-up sheet is circulating for this volunteer opportunity as well.
  4. Sign-up sheet will be going around for the June 30th Induction Dinner at Hawkshead.  Today is the deadline to register.
  5. The board met June 7th due to schedule conflicts for members. The main decision being the approval of the Club’s goals for the 22’-23’ year.  The full results of the Member Satisfaction survey were also shared with the board for their review.
  6. Our scholarship winners will be joining us this morning about 7:30am. 
This is our last Tues. morning meeting until July 12th due to all of our events scheduled for the next 2 weeks.
Jerry Gruber will be putting up signs for the Pancake breakfast after todays meeting.
Tom Ruesink- Announced that he will be at the trailers getting ready for the pancake breakfast, taking inventory, and cleaning Friday, June 24th  at 9:30.  The trailers are located next door to  70920 Phoenix Rd. about ½ mile down from Three Blondes Brewery  on the same side of the road look for a long driveway will take you back to where you need to meet Tom. Jerry Gruber will also be there checking on the pans and equipment. 5- 6 people so far have volunteered their time.
Comedy Relief
Bob Copping- The Past, Present and Future went into the Bar.  It was past tense….
50/50 Raffle
Bob Filbrandt was our honest raffle drawer today.
Tom Noverr had today’s lucky number.  He did not win the pot.
Mary Sue won the $2.00 consolation prize.
Sandra Reno celebrates her 29th Birthday Friday!
G.B. daughter will be 28 this week!
Griffin- Today is his parents Anniversary!
Art- Son Brad is 45 today!
Jon-Granddaughter will be 7 this week!
Bob Boerma Celebrates his Birthday Today!
In honor of Bob’s Birthday Larry W. played Happy Birthday for us today!
Thursday Morning Meet up at 10:00 a.m. in Stanley Johnson Park, Near the Basketball Court- Bring a Chair and a Cup of Coffee !  All are Welcome! See you there!
We passed the Basket today for Happy Bucks!
Congratulations to Tom Renner for being the Grand Marshall of the July 4th Parade!
Jerry Gruber introduced our Guest this week.  Bob Filbrandt of Bobs Processing.
This week we had a question answer interview with our guest speaker.
You may see the Big Truck around town with the Iconic pig!
  • Bob is a South Haven native.
  • Lived in the same place since he was 5 years old.
  • He bought the KRT Glue Shed
  • Started working in the meat department at Taft and Burton
  • Married his High School Sweet heart Judy celebrated 55 years!
  • Taft and Burton, sold out to Hardings- Bob learned butchering
  • Started processing deer
  • Bob’s Processing is now a USDA Facility and private labeling
  • Member of the Michigan Meat Association
  • Won Several Awards
  • Bob’s Cured Ham wins quite frequently
  • Bob recently bought 2 New German 500lb Smokehouses
  • Many pieces of equipment Bob owns have been bought in Germany
  • Bob has been on the Board of Michigan Meat Association for 16 years
  • 3 years on the National Board
  • Bob is now retired Sons Scott and Brad are running the Business.
  • Granddaughter is taking care of Social Media
  • Son Scott will be the President of the National Board in 2 years.
  • Currently have a 24 hr Vending Service for Smoked fish or steak in front of Ace Hardware. The Vending Machine is from Germany.
  • They have Daily inspections by the USDA.
  • Not Catering or or doing weddings much anymore
Bob’s free time
  • Goes to South Dakota to hunt
  • Active with the Steelheaders
  • Owns a Boat
  • Likes to Golf.
Most Michigan Meat Stores are family run.
Bob says Rib Eye Steak is the Best Cut of Meat
Smoked Salmon is Outstanding
Jerry Gruber presented Bob with a Picture of Bob Cleaning Fish.
Mary Sue Lyon Presented Bob with a $25.00 gift card from Fleming Brothers Oil and Convenience Mart
Griffin Graham Introduced 3 of the 4 Scholarship Winners
 South Haven High School Class of 2022 
  • 113 Graduating Seniors
  • 74 Going to College
  • 30 Different Universities
  • Received 1.1 Million Dollars in Scholarships
This year they filled out 1 Common Application
  • 69 Students Started the Application
  • 43 completed the Application
Today we had the pleasure to meet 3 of our 4 Scholarship Winners.  We got to meet.
Sydney Barnes
Lucelle Arizaga-Jiminez
Shawn Smith
The Scholarship Winner’s Biographies are below.
  • 2022 Rotary Club of South Haven Scholarship Awardees
  • The following South Haven High School Graduates have been selected by a committee of Rotarians including Griffin Graham, Ross Woodhams and Dene Hadden to receive scholarships of $1,000 each.
  • Kyannah Anthony – daughter of Jason Anthony
  • Kyannah has a GPA of 3.70.  She has been accepted at WMU, CMU and LMC and she will begin her academic career at Lake Michigan College and move to a four-year college and get a degree in business.  Kyannah, who has six siblings, has been active as a volunteer at the South Haven Ice Rink in addition to working cleaning cottages, at a local ice cream shop and at Bigby Coffee.
  • In addition to strong support for her living the Four Way Test from her references, she was highly and strongly supported for her involvement in the peer-to-peer program, in which she was paired with a special education student with academic and behavioral problems.  Kyannah was able to establish a strong relationship with that student and lead him to a successful school experience.
  • Sydney Barnes - daughter of Nancy and. Jason Barnes
  • Sydney has a GPA of 4.24 and will attend the University of Michigan this fall and enroll in a six-year program to get her Doctorate in Pharmacology
  • Very active in school, Sydney participates in several band organizations from Jazz to marching to concert.  She is also involved in Key Club, National Honor Society, Project Pathway and the Writing Center.  She was also a leader of providing birthday singing at area nursing homes and the “Not so Silent Night” project.  (Inviting young student to the high school for a night of games and activities).
  • Sydney is also an All-State golfer and has won many awards through her golfing prowess.
  • Her golf coach revealed that she displays the spirit of the Four Way Test.  Not only does she work hard to look out for the benefit of everyone on her team, but also for everyone she competes with.  He was most exuberant about her dedication to honesty.  In golf, honesty id often a trait that is hard to find at the high school – or maybe any-level and he held up Sydney’s dedication to the truth as truly exceptional.
  • Sydney works at HawksHead Golf Course and for Barden’s farm Market.
  • Lucero Arizaga-Jimenez  Daughter of  Francisco Arizaga and Jimena Jimenez
  • Lucero has a GPA of 3.84 and has ben accepted at U of M, MSU and GVSU.  She will pursue a degree in pediatric or NICU nursing with the possibility to move on to medical school.  She wants to be a model for Hispanic kids who are interested in entering he medical field.
  • In school she has participated in band, including being the Drum Major for the last two years.  She is also the president of Key Club, secretary of the NHS, and belongs to the Diversity Club, Be Nice and Project Pathway.
  • She will volunteer for the spring musical and volunteers at Allegan Adult Education where she serves as a translator for adults working to earn their GED.
  • As the leader of many activities, she is able to make sure that her concern for honesty, fairness and concern shows through and is displayed by her success as a leader.  Being a quality leader like Lucero has required she understand how the elements of the Four Way Test apply to everyday life.
  • Lucero works as a babysitter and in a Blueberry packing house alongside her mother in the summer.
  • Shawn Smith - Son of Jennifer Morgan and Daniel Smith
  • Shawn has a 3.27 GPA.  He has been accepted by GVSU and LMC.  He will begin his academic career at LMC and transfer to a four-year school to study Graphic Design.
  • Shawn was not a traditional high school student, achieving his diploma with a varied program of in-person and on-line classes and finishing as a student in the Commercial Design program at the Van Buren Tech Center.  His commitment to his community comes as a quality employee at Clementine’s Restaurant.
  • His Tech center teacher and the high school counselor who helped Shawn reach his goals of college acceptance both highly praise Shawn’s work ethic, punctuality and ability to meet work deadlines and his ability to not just get along with fellow students and employees but to help them move forward themselves.
Congratulations to our Winners and Best Wishes on your future endeavors!!
Don Hodgman needs more volunteers for the second shift of the Pancake Breakfast
Don’t forget to Grab a Vest if you are working the July 4th Parade.
No Rotary Meeting on June 28th. We have the Transition Dinner at Hawks Head on June 30th. Appetizers and Cash Bar at 6 p.m. and Dinner at 7 p.m.
Pancake Breakfast Sunday July 3rd at the Pavilion
July 4th Parade marshaling on July 4th
No Meeting on July 5th.
Our next meeting is on July 12, 2022, starting at 7 a.m at Peace Lutheran Church. It will be a District Governor Meeting.
The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.