Posted by Dene Hadden
SPOKES VOL. LXV NO. 49                                                                               June 18, 2019
We were greeted by Don Hodgman and Deb Davidson this cool summer morning.
President Odland opened the meeting with the “My Country ‘tis of Thee” and Art Ayers provided the invocation.  Mark was surrounded by our three new banners describing our club and the work we do in our community and in the world.
We welcomed back Tony Martorano and prospective member Chris Wellington.
  • Our annual change of officers’ dinner will occur on June 25th at Hawkshead.  Invitations to the dinner were passed out and a signup sheet passed around.  The dinner will also honor Don Hixson and Glenn Pietenpol.  There will also be a golf outing before the dinner.  The team lists and rules were passed out this morning.  Good Luck to all.
  • We have parking lot duty for the 4th of July Parade.  A sign up list was passed around
  • Pancake Breakfast Information:  A signup sheet was passed around to indicate the shift(s) you plan on working.  In addition, we encourage each member to take 10 tickets for the breakfast to sell/give away for the breakfast in the hopes of increasing our attendance.
  • Bob Boerma passed out a list of all of our songs for evaluation and for suggestions for new songs.  Please get this list and your suggestions back to him as soon as possible.
  • Our District Governor will be working with us at our Pancake Breakfast in lieu of speaking at one of our meetings.
Bob Boerma led us in song this morning, beginning with the mostly delightful “Baby Face” and followed with the old standard “California Here I Come”.We finished with “Rotary, My Rotary”
Pete Swanson had the lucky ticket this morning but drew the queen, so goes home penniless.Ross Woodhams garnered the $2 prize.
  • John Hamilton and his lovely wife Mary Jane are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week.  Congratulations!
  • Bob Boerma celebrates a birthday this week.
  • Art Ayers and his son have birthdays this week.
  • Steve Miles celebrates the birthday of his mom this week.
  • Nick Tuit’s son and daughter-in-law have birthdays.
  • Rhonda Wendzel’s daughter has a birthday this week.
  • Rosalie Plechaty announced that the 300 or so mermaids have left the town.
  • Bob Copping spoke about an error a chef made that led to garnisheeing his wages.
Dan Thompson was our program today, focusing on Membership
Dan had two priorities this morning.  First Dan wanted to remind members, old and new, the work that Rotary does to prevent Polio throughout the world.
He presented two videos about Rotary International’s Polio Prevention programs, one about how polio is found so it can be eradicated and the second about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the support they provide RI in its quest to rid the world of Polio.  Our club already has 100% participation in paying RI’s quarterly dues, so are making a strong contribution to this program.
Dan’s second priority was a membership update.
He congratulated our new members and their sponsors and thanked them for their commitment to the club.
He reviewed some policy updates about membership that have been approved or will be presented to the club in August, including the possibility of the establishment of a satellite club.
One of the recommendations is that each member invites a guest to at least one meeting a year with the hope that they will become interested in what we do.
Along that line, Dan thought that it was important that each of had had the information necessary to educate possible new members about Rotary and our club.  As a result, each member received a folder with a variety of information about us.  Included in this folder is a membership application that also lists the obligations members have, both financial and otherwise.
Dan is also reviewing the Chamber of Commerce list for potential members and the list of terminated members to see if any them migh be interested in rejoining.  He will need out help making contact with these folks once he has the lists complete.
Along with our new banners and recruiting posters, Dan suggests we focus on new member orientation, including a mentor for new members.  Also, it is important for all of us to make new or potential members feel comfortable and welcome.  One way to do that is to move around each week so everyone gets better acquainted - both old and new members.  There are no assigned seats!
The members expressed a heartfelt thank you to Dan for his work.
President Odland closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
Next week’s program: No Meeting
Meeting July 2nd:  Tom Noverr will introduce Make a Wish Foundation of Michigan
Greeters:  Jim Bradford and Art Ayers.
Editarian:  Dene Hadden