SPOKES VOL. LXVII NO. 3                                                                              July 21, 2020




President Thompson called the meeting to order by presenting the U. S. Naval Academy’s Men’s Glee Club singing the Star Spangled Banner.  Art Ayers provided our invocation asking for continued prayers for Mike Livowich and thanks for the return to Indianapolis and health of Marty Graber.



  • Award #1  Received from our District:  An award for our 100% giving to the Rotary Foundation

  • Award #2  Also from District 6360:  An Award for increasing our membership again

  • Be sure and urge your Facebook friends to “Like” our Facebook page.

  • Members are urged to make a donation to our Educational Fund, hopefully of at least the usual $100.  You can do that by sending your contribution to Bob Straits indicating your donation to that fund or any of the groups supported by it.

Our Virtual Fundraiser

President Thompson reviewed our virtual fundraiser.  It will originate from the Huron Street Pavilion on August 9th as part of the Blueberry Festival.  Its goal will be to raise $9,000 in 90 minutes.  It will be a live event interspersed with recorded segments of talent, Rotary information and requests for donations.  Dan described it as a combination Jerry Lewis Telethon and Ted Mack Amateur Hour.  It will be produced by Moon Dog Productions with assistance from Steve Miles.  Folks who donate will be able to donate on line or via Square and can even get a package of pancake mix and a pint of blueberries!

One of the best ways to help is to encourage all of your Facebook friends to like the South Haven Rotary Facebook page.  The committee is also looking for talent to perform during the broadcast.  If you have a special talent, or know someone who does, contact Rosalie Plechaty.

50/50, Fines and "Inspiration"

Tom Ruesink collected fines from:

  • Korky Ingersol celebrates the 42nd birthday of his daughter this week.

  • Larry Wittkop and his lovely wife Barb celebrated their anniversary this week.

  • Nick Tuit is celebrating his granddaughter’s birthday this week.

  • Speaker Jon Hoadley is celebrating the birthday of a nephew and his sister’s anniversary.

  • After another well done Ludington style birthday song, we heard another inspirational story from Bob Copping, praising the hard work of IRS agents.

  • Tom also distributed this week’s 50/50 prize of virtual money with this week’s big winners Scott Mark and $2 for Bill Roberts.  Both winners donated their proceeds back to the club.



Bob Straits introduced our speaker this morning, 60th District Michigan House of Representative Jon Hoadley.


Rep. Hoadley serves on several House committees, including the powerful Appropriations Committee where he is the ranking member.  He talked about the effect the COVID-19 crisis has had and is having on our state’s economy and therefore its budget, leaving a $3 Billion hole in the current FY’s budget and another $3 Billion hole in next year’s budget which begins in October.  He indicated that with help from emergency funding from the Federal government and other emergency funding measures, this year’s hole has been mostly filled and will be voted on tomorrow.  However, there is currently no approved plan for next year and if a solution is not found, serious cuts to education, police, fire and other state services will be required.


In terms of COVID prevention, he talked about the steps Michigan has been able to take to effectively slow the rate of transmission, including being graded as an A+ at one point because of the efforts of many of our citizens to follow the recommendations and requirements needed to prevent transmission.  While there has been some slippage recently, if we can follow the current plan, more and more businesses can get back to a more normal existence.


Jon touted a grant program administered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation that can provide grants to small businesses of up to $20,000 to help them restart or carry on business during this crisis.


Jon was able to take questions from our members and several of them dealt with the reopening of schools.  One of Jon’s early comments was that if we hope to open schools at all, it is vitally important that everyone follow best practices for preventing the transmission of this virus, including handwashing, social distancing and wearing masks.


Jon suggested that school districts were working hard to prepare a variety of teaching/learning options for their students, from in person instruction to totally on-line learning and planning to move quickly from one type to another or some combination as conditions change.  He was also asked by Kevin Schooley to look strongly at the current seat-time requirement.  This requires students to be in classrooms for a certain number of hours before districts can receive state aid for that student.  Of course that requirement cannot be achieved if students are forced or choose on-line learning.


Rep Hoadley was also asked about the Secretary of State’s office hours and ability to provide service in a timely manner.  He indicated that this is mostly a funding and political issue but would take suggestions made by Tom Renner to their leadership to see what could be done until a legislative solution can be reached.


Jon is and has been a proponent of non-partisan redistricting and is pleased that the plans of that in Michigan have survived a number of court challenges and that we will have, in a few years, legislative and congressional districts drawn by a non-partisan commission.


When asked about term limits, Mr. Hoadley, who generally favors them, believes that Michigan’s numbers may be too short, giving way to much influence to lobbyists and would like to see them reformed, although he is not sure exactly what the number should be.  He said that looking a Congressional term limits is certainly a possibility in the future.


Rep Hoadley thanked us for having him as our speaker and reminded us he is running for the 6th Congressional District seat in this fall’s election.


President Thompson thanked Jon for joining us and presented him with one of our speaker gift certificates to enjoy next time he is in our town or to forward to one of the charities he supports.

President Thompson closed our meeting with the Four Way Test.

NEXT WEEK:  Reminder our July 28th Program will be a field trip to Lake Arvesta for those wishing to join us.  It will be an outdoor tour but you should bring a mask for the trolley ride or if we are standing close together.

Editarian:  Dene Hadden