SPOKES VOL. LXVII NO. 2                                                                             July 14, 2020

President Thompson called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Art Ayers provide a
thoughtful invocation to reflect upon.

Our guest this morning was Tim Ingersol.
A Question
Are more of our members "attending" meetings in their PJs and don't want to be seen? (Just asking:)
 The July Programs are set and work is progressing on our August programs.

 Bob and Gail Brickman will provide Directory sheets for our Directory Booklets. Thanks
for continuing this generous contribution Brickmans!

 Members are urged to make a donation to our Educational Fund, hopefully of at least
the usual $100. You can do that by sending your contribution to Bob Straits indicating
your donation to that fund or any of the groups supported by it.
Our Virtual Fundraiser
President Thompson explained our virtual fundraiser. It will originate from the Huron Street Pavilion
on August 9 th as part of the Blueberry Festival. Its goal will be to raise $9,000 in 90 minutes. It will be a
live event interspersed with recorded segments of talent, Rotary information and requests for
donation. Dan described it as a combination Jerry Lewis Telethon and Ted Mack Amateur Hour. It will
be produced by Moon Dog Productions with assistance from Steve Miles. Folks who donate will be
able to donate on line or via Square and can even get a package of pancake mix and a pint of

One of the best ways to help is to encourage all of your Facebook friends to like the South Haven
Rotary Facebook page. The committee is also looking for talent to perform during the broadcast. If
you have a special talent, or know someone who does, contact Rosalie Plechaty.
50/50 and Fines

Tom Ruesink collected fines from:

Larry Lewis who celebrated a birthday this week.
Korky Ingersol celebrates the 42 nd birthday of his daughter this week.
Tome Renner is pleased to be celebrating his and Carole’s 55 th anniversary this week, followed the
following day by Carole’s birthday.

Melinda Gruber is pleased to announce her son Griffin’s engagement. Earlier in the meeting it was
announced that Melinda has been named President of the Lakeland Health Care Foundation. Congratulations!
Tom and Donna Rummel are celebrating their 23 rd anniversary and the high school graduation of son
Tom also distributed this week’s 50/50 prize of virtual money to Jean Stein and Jerry Gruber.
As we waited our speaker to join us we heard from Tom Rummel and Kaleigh Eddy about how the
South Haven High School graduation will happen, with each family allowed two cars that will be
allowed to park in the parking lot while the graduates are seated in from of a stage and large screen on
the practice field. The ceremony will be broadcast on fm radio for people to listen to in their cars and
broadcast on a large screen. Tom and Kaleigh both hope it will also be broadcast live on the Internet
and saved for later viewing.

Rosalie reminded us that the South Haven-opoly game is available for sale as a fundraiser for SHOUT.
You can get it at the visitor’s bureau for just $30!

Rosalie also mentioned that the Mermaid Festival will be help in August at Lake Arvesta. We will get a
preview of Lake Arvesta when our club gets a tour of the facility at our August 28 th meeting.

Tom Renner showed us the South Haven Beach Safety placemat that will be distributed to local
restaurants and summer rental owners. The placemats designed by local resident Jessica Byers and
purchased for distribution by SHAES, provide beach safety tips and include some coloring opportunities
for youngsters on the backs.

Tom Noverr introduced our speaker this morning, long time Western Michigan University Athletic
Director Kathy Beauregard.

A graduate of Hope College, Kathy was the gymnastics coach at WMU before becoming Athletic
Kathy began by proudly announcing that WMU athletes have won the MAC academic honors this year,
the 8 th year in a row for the men’s programs.

She said the story of collegiate athletes this year began in March with 48 hours of constant phone calls
as various events, including the NCAA basketball and hockey tournaments were canceled and then
students at schools were sent home.

This immediately caused a major financial crisis on both the academic and athletic sides of the
university budget. In addition to lost or refunded tuition and room and board on the academic side,
the athletic budget which was around $31 million, had to cut $6.4 million.
She indicated that WMU will lose significant funding from the cancelation of the NCAA Men’s
Basketball Tournament which is shared with all Division I schools. In addition they anticipate the loss
of some television revenue this fall and the MAC’s share of the football championship/bowl season
revenue that is gets and is shared with member schools. Other conferences will see even bigger cuts in
television revenue, especially if football is canceled this fall. The Big 10, for example sees $40 million
to each school from football television revenue.

Many MAC teams also pick up guaranteed income games by playing Power Five teams. For instance,
WMU will play Notre Dame in September this year. She is pretty confident that game will happen if
there is football this fall. Other MAC schools are playing Alabama and Auburn this fall. Those games
may be canceled as conferences shorten their schedules and those schools will lose that income.
Kathy also noted that while other states have opened gyms and training facilities, Michigan has not
done that yet so WMU athletes are behind other states in preseason workouts right now.

She told us that the next two weeks are critical as decisions need to be made before athletes from all
fall sports are due to return to campus at that time. Decisions about safe housing, safe eating
situations, (Buffett style eating usually associated with collegiate living may not be possible) and safe
practice and competitive situations are developed.

Kathy indicated that she would not be opposed, in fact suggested it early on, that seasons be switched
and football and some other sports be played in the spring. Since there are few two sport athletes and
multiple facilities at the collegiate level, that does not create problems with having multiple sports at
the same time. That might not be that case in high schools if they were to switch sports.

Kathy finished by answering a question about collegiate athletes being paid for the use of their image.
She said that court cases involving this situation are winding their way through the legal system and
the situation is likely to be resolved that way and in the fairly near future.

Kathy thanked us for the opportunity to speak to us, saying that we were the first public group that she
has had the chance to talk to about this situation. GO BRONCOS!!!

President Thompson thanked Kathy for joining us and presented her with one of our speaker gift
certificates to enjoy next time she is in our town.

July 21th Program: Bob Straits will introduce State Representative Jon Hoadley
Reminder our July 28th Program will be a field trip to Lake Arvesta for those wishing to join us. It will
be an outdoor tour but you should bring a mask for the trolley ride or if we are standing close
President Thompson closed our meeting with the Four Way Test.
Editarian: Dene Hadden