SPOKES  VOL. LXVI NO. 27               January 8, 2019
We were greeted this morning by Jean Stein and Art Ayers.
President Odland called the meeting to order, and we began with “My Country ‘tis of Thee”, followed by Art Ayers’ invocation-one which especially asked that Glenn Pietenpol, Mary, and their family be blessed with God’s love, comfort, and peace, as Glenn enters the last stages of life.
7:10am Welcoming guests and announcements
Pete Swanson, guest of Don Hodgman, and member-to-be Ross Woodhams. Unless there is any objection to having Ross become a member, his installation is being planned for next Tuesday, January 15th.
President Odland announced that our bell ringing for the Salvation Army, on December 22nd, generated $2164.00. Twenty-six volunteers took part in the effort, and many thanks to Bob Stickland for organizing the activity.
Blessings in a Backpack is scheduled for this Friday, January 11th, at 1:30pm, at Lincoln Elementary.
Thank you notes were received from a number of organizations: Tri-County Head Start, SW Michigan Land Conservancy, American Legion Post #49, SH Center for the Arts, and Junior Achievement.
Marian Hixson donated three of Don’s Rotary shirts, size XXL, in hopes that some members would have an interest.
Jeremy Burleson announced that Lake Michigan College will be hosting a breakfast on Monday, January 21st, at the Mendel Center in Benton Harbor. The breakfast begins at 7:45am and is part of the MLK, Jr. Day celebration. There is a program planned, which includes a number of speakers, and those interested may pre-register on the LMC website. The breakfast will conclude at 10am. All are welcome to attend.
Bob Boerma did an outstanding job of leading the SH Rotary “Chorus” through three selections: “Baby Face”, “California, Here I Come”, and “Rotary, My Rotary”.
50-50 RAFFLE:
Sergeant-at-Arms, Stuart Comiskey, selected Jim France as our “honest and reliable” candidate selected to draw the first ticket. Pete Swanson had the winning ticket but drew the 7 card, guaranteeing that he would see no money. However, Ross Woodhams had the next winner and garnered the $2 prize.
Art Ayers had the only mention of a birthday or anniversary this morning…He and Kris celebrated 45 years of marriage on January 4th, and Kris is celebrating her birthday TODAY.
Many “happy bucks” were paid this morning, along with many “Happy New Year” wishes. Others of note:
Tom Renner thought that a fund should be started to secure a new placekicker for the Chicago Bears.
Bob Copping “graced” us with a “little-known fact” concerning the origination of Cinco de Mayo. WHO KNEW that the sinking of the Titanic, with 12,000 jars of Mayonnaise aboard, had ANYTHING to do with the May 5th holiday? Thanks, Bob!
Bob Stickland gave a ‘shout-out” to the UNDEFEATED Michigan Wolverines’ basketball team, as Larry Wittkop chimed in with, “They haven’t played anybody”!
Scott Mark added to the “mix” with a “Go Spartans!”
Don Hodgman countered with “ENOUGH!” Well-played, Don!
Jim Davis was the only one to mention last night’s Clemson-Alabama “game”, when he saluted the Clemson Tigers for beating Alabama.
Our speaker needed no introduction, since Jim France, Director of our South Haven Memorial Library, is a member of our club.
Jim provided an update regarding the proposed renovations to the library, for which a millage had been passed in 2017, as well as an update of the library’s services.
Renovations were scheduled to begin in September of 2018, but there is a conflict related to property that the post office owns, which had been included in the library’s renovation plans.
The size of the parcel of land is approximately 25-30’ X 80’. Apparently, the post office has agreed to sell the property, but the library board is unaware of what price they are seeking, and also are unsure whether to go ahead and just make an offer.
Perhaps something will happen by this fall; however, when construction DOES begin, the library will be “housed” in the basement of city hall for up to a year.
The biggest parts of the improvements will be electrical and structural; in addition, approximately 1000 sq. ft. is to be added.
The corner lot is available; however, the asking price currently is $550,000, so any movement in that direction appears very unrealistic.
The remainder of the discussion related to the services that the library offers, such as early childhood programs, language courses, free electronic music downloads, a “ton” of data bases and, of course, print and audio books. The library’s website  provides access to all information and services available.
President Odland thanked Jim for his presentation and provided him with our speaker’s gift, a Rotary pen.
We closed our meeting with the Four Way Test.
Next week’s program: Dr. Mark Nikkel, Bronson Orthopedic Surgeon. Scott Smith is our Program Chair.
Next week’s Greeters: Since Jeff Melvin and Stuart Comiskey are scheduled as greeters, we will either need two volunteers to greet, or one volunteer to greet and one to fill in for Stuart as Sergeant-at-Arms.
Editarian: Art Ayers