VOL. LXVIII NO.24    January 5, 2021
President Thompson welcomed everyone, and we opened with the
“Pledge of Allegiance" followed by Art Ayers’ invocation, which
included our prayers for Jim Bradford and his family, as they
grieve the death of his father, and continued prayers for Mike
GUESTS: Dorothy Lockwood
+ President Thompson reported that our Salvation Army bell
ringing raised $3865, which is the most money raised for the
Salvation Army, by a single organization, in one day!
+ Tom Ruesink indicated that the contributions received for We
Care totaled over $4100!
+ January 21 st is the date for our next Rotary-sponsored Thursday
Night Supper at the First Congregational Church. Please let
President Thompson know if you’re able to help.
+ Bill Roberts is working on completing our slate of February
+ President Thompson gave a well-deserved “Shout-Out” to Tom
Renner and Mark Odland for the work that they have done
spreading our Rotarian message within our local media and on the
+ President Thompson presented some information regarding a
letter he had received anonymously, which was critical of
pictures of Rotarian bell ringers not wearing masks. The
publicity photos were from our previous years’ fundraising
efforts, and such criticism has no merit. If anyone hears any
reference to this within the community, please set the record
straight. Thank you!
+ President Thompson indicated that he would need to meet with
Bob McAlear and Steve Miles regarding our tech efforts, and to
specifically determine who has what responsibility.
+ Our Rotary Board will meet next Tuesday, January 12th ,
following our regular meeting.
+ Today’s comedy photo featured Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler
Moore. The Dick Van Dyke Show was featured on TV from October 3,
1961 to June 1, 1966. It won 15 Emmy Awards and was recently
ranked by TV Guide at #13 on its list of the 50 Greatest TV
shows of all-time.
Today’s “relief” captured more of the legacy of Quasimodo and
his lineage.
HAPPY BUCKS- Tom Ruesink
+ Congratulations to Jim Davis, as he recently celebrated his
90 th birthday!!

+ Larry Wittkop’s granddaughter at MSU celebrates her 20 th
birthday today.

+ Art and Kris Ayers celebrated their 47th anniversary on January
4th .

+ Kris Ayers has a birthday on January 8th.

+ Dan Thompson’s granddaughter, Aubrey, celebrated her 27 th
birthday on the 2nd of January. His granddaughter in L.A.
recently celebrated her 6th birthday.
+ Steve Miles’ nephew celebrated his 11th birthday on December

+ Tom Renner’s grandson, Isaac, turned 13 on January 1st.

+ Larry Wittkop announced that today’s rendition of “Happy
Birthday” would be dedicated to Jim Davis in recognition of his
90th birthday.

+ Last Thursday morning’s social hour garnered a turnout of
about 15 Rotarians. All are invited to participate at 10 a.m. on
Zoom. Mark Odland recently sent out this week’s Zoom link for
those interested.
+Tom selected our speaker, Mayor Scott Smith, to pick the first
winning number. He chose #13, and Bob Brickman was the lucky
recipient. Bob then chose #27, which brought Angelica “home” a

Enjoy your “winnings”!! If you fail to receive them, see Stuart!
PROGRAM: “City of South Haven Update”
Speaker- Mayor Scott Smith
Program Chair- Larry Wittkop
Larry provided a brief introduction of Mayor Smith, who has been
in our Rotarian “ranks” for about 3 years.

Scott, with assistance from Kate Hosier, provided a slideshow
which highlighted the city’s 2020-21 Fiscal Priorities:

#1 Study and Manage the High Water Levels in the Black River and
Lake Michigan
* Installed HESCO barriers
* Planning for Resilient Coastal Communities
#2 Development of “Missing Middle and Work Force” Housing
* The city issued a request for qualifications to redevelop
the Overton Site.
* Evaluation committee formed. They reviewed and evaluated
three proposals.
* The Habitat Company, LLC was recommended as the preferred
#3 Economic Development efforts
* Site visits with local businesses have been limited due to
* One year contract approved for Jim Hettinger of JHUDS, LLC
to provide economic development services.
#4 Maritime District Maintenance and Improvement
*Redevelopment of the All Seasons Marina
*Awarded over $1.5 million in grant funding to address phases
1 and 2 of the emergency repairs to the Northside Marina.
* New electrical, plumbing, and decking installed at a new
height of 13”.
#5 Central Business District Maintenance and Improvements
*Center Street reconstruction
* Living Wall and art installations
* Former Hale Building redevelopment in progress
* Project Pathways Mural
#6 Community Recreation Field Improvements
* SHPS is considering a bond renewal to address maintenance
needs of current athletic facilities, including Ratcliffe Field,
baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, and Aylworth Field-
more information will be coming after the new year.
* South Haven Area Recreation Authority was just awarded
$300,000 from Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)towards the
first phase of the 14 th Avenue recreational park.
#7 Parks, Public Spaces, and Recreation
* Splash Pad on South Beach constructed.
* MNRTF Acquisition Award Grant award $2.62 million to SHARA
to purchase the Royle/Porter Property.
* Grant application for Monroe Bluff improvements did not
score high enough.
#8 Customer Service and Communication Improvements
* Safety measures implemented for COVID-19
* Mandatory staff training on COVID-19
* Mandatory staff training on micro-aggressions
#9 Professional Development
* Presentation on the city’s diversity and inclusion
* Update from MMRMA on the city’s current beach safety plan
in terms of liability risk
* Diversity training on implicit bias to be scheduled when
COVID-19 cases decrease, and in-person meetings are allowed
Scott concluded his presentation with a closer look at the
police department, local finance distribution, and SHAES, as
well as addressing a few questions from our membership.
On behalf of our club, President Thompson thanked Scott for his
program and will be presenting him with a gift card from one of
our many fine local restaurants.
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM: “Telemedicine in SW Michigan”
Speaker: Richard Swanson
Program Chair: Richard Swanson
We adjourned with the Four-Way Test.
Respectfully submitted,
Art Ayers, Seasonal Editarian