SPOKES VOL.LXVII NO.27 January 23,2018
Our greeters this morning were Art Ayers and Don Kitchin. President Renner called the meeting to order at 7am; we opened with “America the Beautiful”, and Art Ayers offered the invocation.
We welcomed Jack Visser, guest of Bob McAlear, Bob Burr, guest of Paul Hix, and our speaker, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jay Blair, guest of Program Chair Kathy Brickley.
Jim Davis led a “mellow” contingent of voices through “Daisy Bell”, “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad”, and “Sing, Everyone Sing”.

-Mark Odland announced that we are in need of Marshalls for Hole #2, at the Senior PGA event, at Harbor Shores, May 22nd to 27th .Those interested in volunteering should contact Mark. There is a
$130 fee; however, that includes an official uniform, meals, a round of golf and more…

-President Renner shared a thank you note from the Diversity Coalition for our contribution to the MLK, Jr. event. He also thanked our members who participated in the most recent service events: The MLK, Jr. event at the high school, the Thursday Night Community Supper at the First Congregational Church, and Blessings in a Backpack at Lincoln Elementary.
-Dan Thompson provided an update on our participation in the 1st Annual Non-Profit Fundraising Trivia Competition, held at the Black River Tavern, from 3-6 pm last Sunday. Other non-profits participating were: The Youth Development Company (2 teams), the Flywheelers, HASH, and the Bailey-Hyde Museum. Our team of Tom and Carole Renner, Dan and Missy Thompson, and Art and Kris Ayers could be proud of their efforts, and a GREAT time was had by all!
-Paul Hix happened to have more “fun” than he bargained for yesterday morning. He entered the Shell station at Broadway and Superior shortly before 7am, only to realize that an armed robbery was “in progress”. There were two men wearing hoodies, and both had semi-automatic handguns. Another identifying feature was that one of the men was wearing a Spiderman mask. As Paul entered, one of the gunmen pointed the gun at his face. Paul had not closed the door fully, which offered him a chance
to escape, and he took the opportunity to run to his car and call police. Thankfully, no one was hurt; however, as of this writing, the robbers, who DID get some money, have not been apprehended. As a result of this “event”, Larry Wittkop and Bob Burr thought that OUR OWN SUPERHERO should be honored this morning for his bravery and his Houdini-like escape-ability. As a “remembrance”, as if he needed any, Paul was then presented with a Spiderman tee shirt, as well as Spiderman tighty-whities,
which looked just a “tad” undersized.
-Next week, January 30th , we will be meeting at The Scott Club for a program and tour. It is recommended that we park in the Congregational Church’s parking lot.
- Our guest, Jay Blair, was deemed “honest and reliable” enough, by Stuart Comiskey, to pick the first ticket. Richard Swanson had the winning ticket; however, he drew the 10 card. Don Hixson had the second winning ticket, so he went home $2 richer…
-Tom Renner celebrated the birthdays of his grandson, Grant, and granddaughter, Ashleigh.
-Tom Rummel celebrated a birthday…No Ludington-style song for Tom…STILL wondering why not!
-Bob Stickland celebrated his “baby girl’s birthday.
-Jerry Portman helped celebrate his “dear” mother-in- law’s birthday in Connecticut this past week. She is 101 years young!
-Jean Stein indicated that her mother-in- law was soon to celebrate 103 years!
-Bob Copping shared a “Sikh” joke with us…
-Paul Hix was happy that yesterday was NOT his “day”!
-Bob Stickland put in a $1 to celebrate Bob Burr making it out of bed this early.
-Don Hodgman wondered what kind of portfolio Paul offered the robbers.
-Larry Wittkop is celebrating the Spartans, who are “on the way back”.
-Deb Davidson, sporting her new Purdue lanyard, not surprisingly, said, “Go Purdue”.
-Steve Larsen mentioned that we have less than 8 weeks til spring.
-Jim Davis saluted the Vikings for a “good” effort.
Program Chair, Kathy Brickley, introduced our speaker, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Jay Blair, who spoke on “Marihuana Dispensaries and Facilities”.
The law which allows medical marihuana dispensaries within Michigan’s municipalities was enacted in 2016; however, if a municipality desires such a dispensary, or dispensaries, it must adopt an ordinance. Doing NOTHING will keep them OUT of the area.
Once such an ordinance is adopted, control is then transferred to the state, and such control is not likely to be returned to the municipality.
Bangor has such a dispensary, located east of the bank and identified by a green cross.
Types of Facilities:
-Growers(indoor growing) Can grow up to 1500 plants, if licensed to do so. Must be zoned for industrial or agricultural uses to be able to operate.
-Processor (breaking the product down)
-Provisioning Center (commonly called a marihuana dispensary) Smokable AND edible product available
-Safety Compliance Facility Product is tested for contaminants, etc…
Oversight of these facilities doesn’t “fall” on the individual municipalities, it is handled by the Licensing Board.
Practical Considerations:
-Zoning (how close to churches, schools, etc.)
-Infrastructure (traffic control/power grid)
-THC Levels (50 years ago, THC levels were @ 5%, whereas now, it Common in the 25% range)
President Renner presented Jay Blair with our Rotary pen, as he and the club thanked him for being with us today.
Greeters for next Tuesday, January 30 th : Jeff Melvin, and we’re seeking a substitute for Stuart Comiskey.
Next week’s program: A tour of the historic Scott Club with Rosalie Plechaty. Bob Copping is the Program Chair.
We concluded today’s meeting with the Four Way Test.
Art Ayers, "Apprentice" Editarian