SPOKES VOL. LXVIII NO. 29 January 22, 2019
We were greeted this morning by Steve Larsen.
During our greeting segment, Jean Stein lost her balance and
fell to the floor, striking her head. She got up and indicated
that she was “OK”; however, paramedics were called, and she was
taken to the hospital to make sure all was well. After our
meeting, President Odland indicated that Jean had been released
from the hospital and was resting at home. GREAT TO HEAR THAT!
Take care, Jean!!
President Odland opened our meeting with the “Pledge of
Allegiance” and Art Ayers offered the invocation, which included
a request to keep Glenn, Mary, and the Pietenpol family in our
Pete Swanson - prospective member and guest of Don Hodgman
Francis Peet - from the Michigan Maritime Museum, guest of
Rosalie Plechaty
Ron Clark, from the Paw Paw Rotary Club
Don Dobbin, guest of Nick Tuit
Chris Wendling, today’s speaker-ATC (Athletic Trainer-Certified)
for South Haven Public Schools and Bronson-South Haven.
President Odland reported that Ted Weber had called yesterday to
say that Julie’s lumpectomy was moved up from February 7 th , and
was performed successfully yesterday! Ted also conveyed thanks
to all who have lifted up Julie, Ted, and family in prayer. VERY
THANKFUL for their good news!!
Many thanks to the Rotarians who helped at The First
Congregational Church last Thursday, as well as those who helped
with the MLK Day activity, packing rice at the high school
Blessings in a Backpack has been canceled for this week, since
there is no school on Thursday or Friday. Future “Backpack”
opportunities will be on February 1 st and February 8 th .
Tom Renner reported that on Friday, January 25 th , the new
banners, for the high school gymnasium, will be formally
dedicated during halftime of the basketball game, perhaps around
8-8:15pm. They actually were hung in the gym yesterday. It would
be fantastic if we had a large contingent of Rotarians to
witness the ceremony and to be part of the certain photo
opportunity! The game will begin, most likely, between 7-7:15pm.
The banners were purchased with the money our club received via
a Rotary District 6360 Grant, which Tom was instrumental in
writing. Tom also reported that the original banners, purchased
and hung in the early 1980’s, were also provided by the South
Haven Rotary Club!
Rosalie, Tom Renner, and President Odland were recently involved
in discussions with planners and other organizations concerning
the date of this year’s July pancake breakfast. Since the 4 th is
on a Thursday, the choices were either June 30 th or July 7 th . It
was determined that there was really no real benefit to either
date; as a result, July 7 th was chosen. This year is also the
celebration of South Haven’s Sesquicentennial (150 years).
Jim Davis had the “baton” this morning for our songs:
Dottie began her playing before we could hear any sound from the
CD, so we only were able to sing about half of “If You Knew
Susie”…probably a GOOD thing! We soon got in “sync” and finished
“Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella” and “Roll Rotary”, with gusto!
Sergeant-at-Arms Stuart Comiskey chose Don Dobbin to draw our
first winning ticket, belonging to Paul Hix. Paul proceeded to
draw the ace, guaranteeing a $2 payoff for Pete Swanson.
Bob Brickman has a birthday TODAY, Tom Rummel had a birthday on
Sunday, the 20 th , and Pete Swanson had a birthday on Friday, the
18 th . A Ludington-style birthday greeting followed…
Bob and Cindy McAlear celebrated their anniversary on Friday,
the 18 th .
Many “happy bucks” and warm weather wishes this morning. In
addition: We welcomed Bob Copping’s story of a waitress’
dilemma. It seems she was arrested for offering a cigarette to a
customer because she was “contributing to the malignancy of a
Rosalie contributed $1 for Francis Peet attending, and $1 for
“Tom’s birthday”. Not quite sure if Rummel or Renner.
Larry Wittkop announced that it was “A good morning, until Ron
Clark showed up”.
Scott Mark celebrated MSU’s basketball fortunes, while Don
Kitchin applauded Wisconsin’s victory over Michigan.
Ron Clark told Larry that he had a grand child attending MSU;
also, that it was nice to get out following recent knee-
replacement surgery.
Steve Miles celebrated his daughter’s rugby team, which recently
won their district tournament in Florida.
Chris Wendling, ATC for South Haven Public Schools and Bronson-
South Haven. Scott Smith is the Program Chair.
Chris has been an athletic trainer for 13 years, the last 6 of
which have been in South Haven. His undergraduate degree is from
Grand Valley State University, while his graduate degree is from
Northern Florida. He is married with 2 young daughters.
Since coming to South Haven from Western Michigan University,
Chris has been involved with all middle and high school sporting
He and Bronson-South Haven are promoting his services to the
community. As an example, for over a year, Chris has been
offering a FREE injury clinic every Thursday, from 11am-1:30pm,
at the Wellness Center. Other activities, such as rocket
football and AYSO Soccer could offer further opportunities;
however, it would seem that the need for additional staffing
would have to be addressed. Chris seems to be spread pretty
thin, to say the least.
Chris mentioned that the most common injuries he sees are ankle
sprains and lower back issues. The back issues he traces to not
stretching or not lifting properly in the weight room.
Hydration is ALWAYS emphasized.
Responding to a question re: concussions, Chris provided details
of such protocol:
Before every season, every participant must complete a
computerized program entitled Impact Concussion Testing. This
testing is performed every two years on those continuing to
participate. It consists of memorization of words and designs,
counting numbers, color identification, and much more. Chris
finds that most athletes are truthful about head injuries and
don’t try to hide their injury.
If an athlete is taken off the field with a suspected
concussion, an “off field assessment” is completed, and the next
day they must complete the Impact Concussion Testing. There are
26 different symptoms involved, and each is graded on a scale
from 0-6.
In such cases, there is a 5 day progression that must be
completed before returning to the team. During the course of a
year, Chris said that football might be responsible for causing
3-4 concussions, while he’d have 1-2 in soccer, 1 in basketball,
and 2 in cheerleading.
Working for both the schools and Bronson-South Haven, Chris was
asked about how they split his compensation. He indicated that
he received the bulk of his compensation from Bronson-South
Haven, and the schools pay a stipend to Bronson-South Haven. He
is the only such trainer in South Haven, whereas, there are 25
such trainers in the Kalamazoo area high schools.
Chris was thanked by President Odland and the entire club for a
very educational presentation. In appreciation, Scott Smith then
presented Chris with our Rotary pen.
President Odland thanked all of our guests in attendance.
NEXT WEEK: January 29, 2019
Greeters-Jeremy Burleson and Paul Hix
Program- “A Tour of Antarctica” with Bob Linderman. Stuart
Comiskey is the Program Chair.
We concluded our meeting with the Four-Way Test.