SPOKES VOL.LXVIII NO.27 January 21, 2020

Our greeters this morning were Don Hodgman and Don Dobbin.
President Odland welcomed us all, and we opened with the “Pledge
of Allegiance”, followed by Art Ayers’ invocation.
Jane Copping (Bob Copping)
Ashley Deming, Director of Education at the Michigan Maritime
Museum (Mark Odland)
Judy Markusse Paget, today’s spotlight speaker, who is the
Executive Director of the Hospital Hospitality House of
Southwest Michigan (Dan Liehr)
+President Odland reflected upon the Martin Luther King, Jr.
Celebration, held yesterday at the high school. It offered a
wonderful meal and a fantastic program, which included a modern
dance presentation, singing, and a variety of speakers. Many
thanks to Rosalie Plechaty and Jeffrey Dick, of the First
Congregational Church, for coordinating the event, and also to
Tom Renner, for contributing to the publicity of the event
through various media outlets. As always, Tom took many photos,
which we’ll all enjoy in the days ahead. Hopefully, some fellow
Rotarians will be in some of the pictures ($$$).
Our Rotary Club WON the inaugural Generosity Award, for
collecting the most ounces of laundry detergent! There were
38,000 total ounces collected by the various groups, and ROTARY
collected over 17,000 ounces of that total! Many thanks to all
who contributed with detergent and/or cash. Tom Renner offered a
special word of thanks to his daughter, Debbie, who emptied the
shelves of detergent from one of the Walgreen stores in Grand

+President Odland received 3 notes of thanks from Erika Morrison
at We Care.
+President Odland also wished Art Ayers and Kris safe travels to
Kenya, as they’ll be leaving tomorrow evening to visit with
Rotarian and Medical Missionary Dr. Marty Graber.
SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Judy Markusse Paget from the Hospital
Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan.

The Hospital Hospitality House opened its South Street doors in
1985, a vision of the Junior League of Kalamazoo, in partnership
with Borgess and Bronson Hospitals.

Recently, the South Street house was replaced by two new
convenient and accessible facilities-Hospital Hospitality House-
Henson Avenue (near Ascension Borgess Hospital) and Hospital
Hospitality House-Burdick Street (near Bronson Methodist

Both locations are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day,
providing guests with sleeping rooms (with private bath),
kitchen and laundry facilities, family gathering spaces,
children’s play areas, relaxing patio and garden, and on-site or
nearby parking. The houses are ADA compliant with barrier-free

Every day, out-of-town patients come to Kalamazoo for critical
medical care and scheduled procedures. The last thing family
members should need to worry about is finding a place to stay.
The houses provide accommodations to caregivers and to patients
receiving extended outpatient care at no charge. With a lesser
financial burden, families can focus on the patient’s care.
The longest stay was a year for a premature baby.

Dan Liehr has been on the Board for many years, and he joined
Judy and President Odland for the presentation of our $250
donation, as well as a photograph.
Jim Davis was our “maestro” who led our efforts this morning, as
we made our way through “Red River Valley”, “She’ll Be Comin’
Around the Mountain”, and “SMILE, Sing a Song”.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Stuart Comiskey,, chose “honest and reliable”
Judy Paget to draw the first winning ticket, which was in the
possession of Bob Boerma. Bob proceeded to draw the Queen, so
our next winner, Sue Duvall, secured the $2 prize.
+ Bob Stickland announced that his “baby” daughter would soon
turn 61 years of age.
+ Deb Davidson’s granddaughter, Sophia, celebrated her 6 th
+ Tom Rummel announced that he celebrated a birthday yesterday.
A Ludington-style “Happy Birthday” followed…
+ Dan Liehr gave a “shout out” for the upcoming Al-Van Furball
Fundraiser-February 22 nd at 6pm, at the Black River Barn.
+ Tom Renner hoped that Art and Kris Ayers have “safe travels”.
+ Larry Wittkop says the Spartans are “back on track”.
+ Mark Odland celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs being in the
Super Bowl- “Go Chiefs”!
+ Richard Swanson went the other way- “Go 49ers”!
+ Bob Copping provided a “diversion” from the Quasimodo saga,
when he stated, “I hate it when I see some old person, and I
realize that we went to high school together!”
Peter TerLouw was our scheduled speaker; however, Peter recently
was hospitalized with pneumonia. As a result, South Haven Public
Schools’ Superintendent, and Rotarian, Kevin Schooley, filled in
on very short notice.

Kevin provided an overview on a number of areas of focus for
South Haven Public Schools:

1. Improving Communications
2. Expanding Student Achievement
3. Closing the Achievement Gap
4. Improve Conditions Impacting Student Enrollment
1. Integrity
2. Respect
3. Collaboration
4. Accountability
5. Excellence

1. To provide all South Haven Public Schools’ students with
innovative learning opportunities that engage, ignite, and
challenge them.
2. To support our students in taking control of their own
futures through service, citizenship, scholarship, and
personal responsibility.

1. Suicide is the 3 rd leading cause of death among students
ages 14-24
2. One in 5 children between the ages of 10-14 has, or will
have, a mental illness.
3. There is SO MUCH to consider that there is NO WAY that the
classroom teacher can address all of this.
- A social worker has been hired for students in
Kindergarten through the 3 rd grade.
- A part-time mental health specialist has been hired,
through a VBISD grant, for students in 6 th through 8 th
4. Mental Health Training Sessions Offered

- “Stop the silence; help end the violence”
- Integrating pieces of the “Sandy Hook Promise”
2.Preparedness- Safety Drills
There is a Crisis Team at each building.
+ Metal Detectors
-Took into account research, site visits, and focus group
discussions, and made the decision not to implement.
-Experts have said that detectors are a “post-mortem tool”.
+ New Athletic Conference (BCS)
-Level of competition
-Geography and distance
-South Haven’s decreasing enrollment
Kevin took a few questions from those in attendance and was
thanked by President Odland for his excellent and very
informative presentation. Kevin then was presented one of our
Rotary pens with sincere appreciation.
President Odland thanked our guests, once again, for attending.

Next Week’s Greeters: Tom Renner and Sue Duvall
Next Week’s Program: Ron Goldy, from MSU Extension: “Food
Production in Michigan”- Kaleigh Eddy, Program Chair

Spotlight Speaker: Tabetha Barry, Youth Development Company

We concluded the meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Seasonal Editarian: Art Ayers