SPOKES VOL.LXIX NO.29 February 6, 2018
Our greeters this morning were Jeremy Burleson and Paul Hix. President Renner called the meeting to order at 7am, and we sang
about half of “God Bless America” a capella. At that point, the CD player thankfully began, and we retreated to the beginning
and sang the full version with the accompaniment. Art Ayers followed with the invocation.
Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, President of Lake Michigan College, and Steve Miles, Director of Technology at South Haven Public
Bob Boerma took charge and led the “troops” in song, while Larry Wittkop “manned” the cantankerous CD player.
Bob got the most out of us, as we sang “Wild Irish Rose”, “On the Banks of the Wabash”, and “R-O- T-A- R-Y”.

-In honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, President Renner was wearing a polo shirt this morning from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He had the pleasure of working at the Atlanta Olympics as a volunteer!

Thank You notes were received from:
-Thea Grigsby, Executive Director of the South Haven Center for the Arts, thanked our club for its recent contribution:
“Thank you for supporting us in our December, 2017, goal to set up an SHCA endowment with the South Haven Community Foundation. Thanks to you, we were able to raise $4000 in matching funds to set up the endowment.”
-Jim Marcoux, Executive Director of the South Haven Community Foundation, and addressed to Chris and Mary Harding: “On behalf of the South Haven Community Foundation, we would like to acknowledge and thank South Haven Rotary Charities and you, who have made a donation in John Harding’s honor, to the South Haven Community Foundation’s Blessings in a Backpack Endowment Fund.”
-Nominations are being accepted for Rotary Hero, a member of our club “who truly exemplifies ‘Service Above Self’ in everything that they think, say and do, OR a long-time member who has given many years of service.” Each club within District 6360 will select a Rotary Hero, and all will be honored at the 2018 District 6360 Conference in April.
See Scott Mark, our Director of Recognitions, for a nomination form.

-Marshalls are still needed for the Senior PGA/See Mark Odland.
-Blessings in a Backpack will be on Friday, February 9th , at Lincoln Elementary, at 1:30pm (or sooner?)
-A group of South Haven Rotary Snowbirds will be gathering on Valentine’s Day, February 14th , in a much warmer climate. See the website for details. President Renner was invited to join them; however, a REAL QUICK
club vote negated those plans!

-The latest edition of District 6360’s newsletter included a nice feature on Elian Garcia’s Eagle Scout Project and the
installation of AEDs within the South Haven and Bangor libraries.
Stuart Comiskey, after a lengthy search, found “honest and reliable” Steve Miles to draw the first ticket. Steve Larsen had the winning ticket, and Steve proceeded to draw the #4 card. Nick Tuit had the second winner and was awarded the $2 prize.
-Rhonda Wendzel announced that she had a birthday on Sunday. The club then serenaded Rhonda with an uncharacteristically sweet rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

-Dan Thompson, concerned that Barry Winkel was avoiding his birthday announcement, wanted to know what fines might be applied to someone who avoided such an announcement. Before an answer could be determined, the club sent forth a rousing Ludington version of “Happy Birthday”, in Barry’s honor.
-It was announced that Cindy Bolt celebrated her birthday on Sunday, and Art celebrated his birthday yesterday.
-Larry Wittkop announced that his granddaughter had a birthday; however, a few minutes later, he recanted, and said he was mistaken-it actually was daughter Amy’s birthday!
-Bob Copping “graced” us with a story about an upholstery worker who, somehow, became entangled in the upholstery machine. Not to worry, however…He is totally RECOVERED!
-Steve Larsen announced his engagement!
-Don Hixson announced that his grandson has joined the U.S. Navy.
-Ted Weber is glad to be “another day closer to spring”.
-Nick Tuit was “so happy” to donate ALL of his winnings back to the club!
-Bob Boerma mentioned that his son, Scott, Western Michigan University’s Band Director, was recently in Virginia for an All-State Band event. It was there that he surprisingly encountered former South Haven resident Don Anderson’s daughter, Wendy.

-Paul Hix announced that he was glad to be back from Mexico, but there was just a “touch” of sarcasm to his message.
Jeremy Burleson introduced today’s speaker, Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, President of Lake Michigan College, who will be speaking on the subject of “Higher Education Opportunities in the South Haven Area”. Dr. Kubatzke was hired in the spring of 2017 and, since 2012, had served as the Vice-President of Student Services at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Prior to that, beginning in 2007, he served as Vice-President for Student and Educational Services, at Delta College, in University Center, Michigan. Dr. Kubatzke, his wife, Kim, and daughter, Megan, reside in Eau Claire.
Highlights from his presentation:
-Lake Michigan College represents:
Academic Excellence
Student Success
Community Impact

-Community colleges, in general, have poor graduation rates. Approximately, 55% of students aren’t graduating with a Degree.
-LMC has received a $3 million grant focusing on guided pathways; that is, the desire to help students make an early
career decision, which translates to many benefits.

- “We can’t be the same college we were 20 years ago.”
- “We want to draw people HERE and keep our talent HERE.”
-Dedicated to “reinvention” in many ways, to attract more students and revenue.
Many positives to relate about LMC
*Low cost of tuition
*Seven locations: Napier Campus, South Haven Campus, Bertrand Crossing Campus, Allegan Tech Center, Brandywine, Four Winds Casino/Hartford and New Buffalo
*Creating/adding various health occupation programs
*Renovations planned ($40 million) from the Capital Millage of two years ago, as well as from other sources (boiler,
Benton Harbor building and general infrastructure, and more housing-Beckwith Hall is the only residence hall on
the BH Campus and has 188 beds).

*Planning to host a symposium involving the mayor, city manager, college representatives, educators and other
city leaders to discuss how best to attract and keep students.

*Wine and Viticulture program-which includes everything from growing the grape to the bottling of the wine. It is the ONLY school in the Midwest to have such a program!
*Offer of day care, alternative educational program (SH High School) is on the campus, and GED Program Center for
high school equivalency.

*High quality entertainment and speakers series
*Athletics-Seven Intercollegiate Athletic Teams Women’s Basketball has been nationally ranked this year And currently “sport” a record of 15-3!
President Renner and the members of our club thanked Dr.Kubatzke for a wonderful presentation about the opportunities and challenges at Lake Michigan College.
Next Week: February 13th
Greeters: Deb Davidson and Don Hodgman
Spotlight Presentation: Foundry Hall
Program: Marcus Torres will speak about the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program, of which he is a member.
Deb Davidson is our Program Chair
We adjourned with the Four Way Test.
No-Longer a Rookie Editarian, Art Ayers