Posted by Arthur Ayers
SPOKES VOL.LXXII NO.32 February 27, 2018

Greeting us this morning were Tom Rummel and Dan Liehr. Since President Renner is basking in the Arizona sun, President-elect Odland took to the podium this morning. He called the meeting to order at 7am, and we opened with “America the Beautiful”, followed by Art Ayers’ invocation.
We were pleased, as always, to have Jane Copping join us this morning.
Jim Davis and “fingers” Gruber teamed up to present this morning’s “sultry sounds”: “The Band Played On”, “Hello, My Baby”, and “Roll Rotary”. Thankfully, no technical problems this morning. In the category of “Things to Anticipate”, Don Hixson reported that we would SOON have a new CD/DVD player��
*Rotary Hero nominations will be accepted until March 25th . Scott Mark reminded us that such nominations need to include reasoning/justification for the nomination and not simply referring a name.
*President-elect Odland announced that a thank you note was received from the South Haven Community Foundation for our “generous donation” to the Blessings in a Backpack program.
*The South Haven High School Robotics Team will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, March 1st, at 6pm, in the high school.
*Art Ayers announced that he will be out of town on Tuesday, March 13th ; thus, we will need to find a volunteer to write SPOKES for that day.
*Blessings in a Backpack will take place this Friday, March 2nd , at Lincoln Elementary. As usual, report to the school by 1:30pm.
Jane Copping clearly qualified as our “honest and reliable” person this morning. She drew the ticket, Stuart read the numbers, and we waited…and waited…UNTIL Paul Hix realized he had the winning ticket. Paul drew the Queen, so no big winnings today. Jerry Portman “pocketed” the $2 prize.
*Jim France announced the arrival of a granddaughter who was born last Friday.
*Art Ayers celebrated daughter Talie’s 35th birthday, on February 24th , in Colorado.
*Ted Weber’s wife, Julie, will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday, March 1st ; Ted will celebrate his birthday on March 2nd , and Paul Hemmeter will celebrate his on Saturday, March 3rd . The club then proceeded to “sing” a rousing Ludington-style “Happy Birthday”!
*Bob Copping had some good advice for us all: “People who become too big for their britches will soon be exposed.”��
*Larry Wittkop celebrated the Spartans for their Big 10 Championship.
*So, too, did Scott Mark:”Go Green!”
*Marty Graber celebrated birthdays of a son and daughter, who were born two years apart on the SAME DAY. How nice to have Marty back with us!
Jim France, Director of the South Haven Memorial Library, and one of our South Haven Rotarians, was our featured speaker this morning. Jim provided us with a library update.

*The website has been upgraded and, as stated on the website, the library “proudly offers over 54,000 materials, including books, audiobooks, and magazines. We also offer downloadable media, through our OverDrive Digital Lending Library, daily newspapers, free wireless internet, fax services, a community
room for public use, children’s and teen’s programs, and much more! View our Calendar to see our latest programs.”
*Regarding the library renovations:
-Still fine-tuning designs and specifications.
-City and township uniting to attempt to secure a USDA loan.
-Everything to be sent out to bid by August.
-Hopefully, construction to begin by September.
*South Haven High School Yearbooks, from 1910-2010, have been digitalized.
*The oldest newspaper in the library is from 1874.
-Newspapers from 1874 to 1977 have been digitalized.
*Programs/meetings “housed” within the library:
-Annual summer reading program
-Introduction to Crocheting and Knitting
-South Haven Quilters
-Mac Users Group
-Tunebugs- music for pre-schoolers
-Kinexus Employment Services
Check the website calendar for updates on all offerings
*Some Online offerings:
-Van Buren Reads, involving all county libraries. On January 15th , the Van Buren Reads author of 2018 was revealed to be William Kent Krueger. He will be at the Van Buren Conference Center, in Lawrence, on October 2 nd , at 6:30pm.
-Freegal- MP3 music downloads
-OverDrive- download audiobooks and eBooks
-MEL(Michigan Electronic Library)-gains access to many
databases, academic and others
-Basic ESL(English as a second language)
Jim took some questions and then was thanked by President-elect Odland and the club members for his presentation.
Next Week: March 6th
Our greeters will be Jim France and Don Hixson
Our Program: Rosie the Riveter- The Role of Women in WWII Don Kitchin is the Program Chair
We adjourned with the Four-Way Test.
Art Ayers, stand-in Editarian