SPOKES VOL. LXXI NO. 32 February 19,2019
We were warmly greeted this morning by Steve Miles.

President Odland opened our meeting, which was followed by our
singing of “God Bless America”,
Art Ayers’ invocation made mention of continued prayers for the
Pietenpol family, for Steve Larsen, as he travels to Kenya to
assist Dr. Marty Graber in opening the new maternal hospital,
and also celebrated the return of Richard Swanson, following his
medical issues.
Francis Peet(Michigan Maritime Museum)-prospective member and
guest of Rosalie Plechaty
Pete Swanson- no longer to be a prospective member and guest of
Don Hodgman
Don Dobbin- prospective member and guest of Nick Tuit
Sue Duvall-guest of Scott Mark
Kevin Schooley-Superintendent of South Haven Schools
Rich Chapman-Spotlight speaker (Steelheaders)
On Thursday, February 21 st , Thursday Night Supper at the First
Congregational Church.
President Odland made note of a Thank You received from the
South Haven Chamber of Commerce, in appreciation for our
Icebreaker donation.
He also received a note from Dene Hadden, with news that Jackson
Calvert, our representative at the World Affairs Seminar, would
be competing in the MHSAA Wrestling Finals! Jackson is Matt
Shafer’s step-son.
INDUCTION of NEW MEMBER Pete Swanson by sponsor Don Hodgman
Pete worked as a social worker for a number of years before
becoming a DNR Game Warden-a job he held for 26 years.
Pete was, and is, instrumental in the establishment and
maintaining of the South Haven Dog Park.
Spotlight Speaker: Rich Chapman
The South Haven Steelheaders is a local chapter of the Michigan
Steelhead and Salmon Fishermen’s Association (MSSFA), whose
mission is to take part in “educating the general public on
improving, preserving, and promoting sport fishing in the Great
Lakes and their tributary streams and rivers”.
There are 13 chapters, with the central offices located in
Holland. The South Haven chapter is the 2 nd largest.
Rich has been the president at the local chapter for 2 years.
The Fishboil, held during the Blueberry Festival, is their main
fundraiser. This year, it will be held on August 10 th .
The South Haven Pro-am is a fishing tournament which is annually
sponsored by the South Haven Steelheaders. This year, it will be
held from May 18-19.
In the fall of 2013, the SH Steelheaders approached the City of
South Haven about the possibility of exploring a community
project of a near-shore data buoy, to be located off the coast
of South Haven. The major objective of the project would be to
increase access to localized near shore real-time marine
With approval granted, the data buoy was deployed in 2014.
As valuable as the collection of data is to various agencies and
individuals, annual maintenance to the buoy carries a $15,000
price tag.
Our South Haven Rotary Club Board recently authorized a
significant donation to the Steelheaders, to help defray some of
this maintenance cost.
President Odland presented a check to Rich, thanking him for the
good works that they do.
Jim Davis had the “baton” once again this morning for our songs:
This morning, we were “serenaded” with “Ma, He’s Makin’ Eyes at
Me”, “Give My Regards to Broadway”, and “Smile”.
Sergeant-at-Arms Stuart Comiskey chose our good friend Richard
Swanson as today’s “honest and reliable” representative. WELCOME
BACK, RICHARD! He proceeded to draw the ticket belonging to Don
Hodgman. Don drew card #7, so Jim Bradford’s “take” was but $2
Nick Tuit announced that grandson Sam celebrated his 20 th
Jim France announced that his granddaughter just celebrated her
1 st birthday.
The singing of the traditional version of Happy Birthday
followed these announcements.
In addition to our MANY “Happy Bucks”:
Ross Woodhams, attending a board meeting in Nashville, had the
chance to attend a show at The Grand Ole Opry!
Larry Wittkop celebrated the Spartans’ weekend.
Don Hodgman was pleased that Art Ayers volunteered to assist
with the pancake breakfasts.
Richard Swanson-“It’s Good to be Back!”
Deb Davidson welcomed both Richard and Jean Stein back to our
Program Chair Bob Copping introduced today’s speaker, our “own”
Tom Renner! Tom gained employment with the South Haven Tribune,
and he and Carole moved here in 1965. Eventually, Tom was
offered a position at Hope College, where he worked for 47 years
before retiring. At no point did they consider moving to

Tom is not only one of the most visible members of our
community, but also is one who readily shares a passion for our
town that just may be unmatched. WELCOME to the podium, Tom!
In anticipation of this year’s Sesquicentennial Celebration in
South Haven, Tom presented 26 very interesting and, needless to
say, challenging trivia questions to the group. I certainly
won’t speak for everyone, but I found most interesting that:
*The Native Americans called the South Haven area “Ni-No-Kong”,
meaning “beautiful sunsets”.
*The first sermon preached in South Haven came from the
Methodist denomination.
*The first South Haven lighthouse was built in 1871 and was
*Oakland Park became Johnston Park in 1969.
*We’re known as the Blueberry Capital of the World, but thanks
to Stanley Johnston, it was peaches that also brought fame to
South Haven.
*There are 8 varieties of Haven peaches: Halehaven, Kalhaven,
Redhaven, Fairhaven, Sunhaven, Richhaven, Glohaven, and
*Sherman Dairy started in 1916, and the Ice Cream Dairy Bar
opened in 1958. During a typical summer, 68 flavors of ice
cream, sherbets, and yogurts are sold.
President Odland and our attendees thanked Tom for his very
informative and enjoyable presentation. Our souvenir Rotary pen
was presented to Tom, as well.
President Odland thanked all of our guests in attendance.
NEXT WEEK: February 26, 2019
Greeters-Jim France/Volunteer needed for 2nd greeter
Program Chair-Steve Miles
Program-Kevin Schooley, SH Superintendent of Schools/SHPS Update
We concluded our meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Art Ayers, Seasonal Editarian