February 15, 2022 
Mary Sue called the meeting to order at 7:15, with the Pledge of Allegiance. We experienced some technical difficulties this week with our zoom connection.
Art Ayers gave the invocation, he spoke of the Blessing of Rotary and the service given by the membership throughout the world.
Melinda Gruber Celebrates her Birthday on February 16!
Jean Stein’s Granddaughter celebrates her 28th Birthday!
Tom Ruesink’s new grandson has his two month inspection by the Doctor.
We have 14 Members on Zoom today!
Larry Wittkop suggested we sing Happy Birthday Luddington Style!  It actually sounded better than Lundington Style!
50/50 and Fines
Jean Stein picked the winning numbers
Barry’s number was picked but he did not win the pot!
Sandra was the runner up and won the $2.00 consolation prize
Comedy Relief
Bob Copping once again gave us all a good chuckle with his weekly comedy relief.
Announcements –
We Care Island Sit- The We Care island sit in downtown South Haven is February 26th . Rotary is supporting Seethe event during the 5-6pm time slot. We need three more volunteers. See Mary Sue if you can make that event at that time. It consists of volunteers standing in the cold weather at the city’s traffic island on Phoenix Street and collecting money from motorists and pedestrians.
We need to recruit volunteers for the Thursday Community Dinner at the First Congregational Church. Time is 5:45 p.m. for 1 hr.
We’re looking for recommendations for Education and Service Award of the year, Citizen of the year, club hero and Rotarian of the year. Nomination forms re available on the front page of our website. These awards are presented at the transition dinner/event that is held at the end of June. The board decides on the citizen of the year and club hero, and acts on recommendations from the scholarship committee for Educator and Service Award of the year.
South Haven Speaker Series – We donated $500

The Roots of Russian – American Discord

Thursday, March 31, 2022 by Jim Butterfield
Professor of Political Science and Global and International Studies at Western Michigan University

South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College | 7 p.m.
Jim Butterfield, Professor of Political Science and Global and International Studies at Western Michigan University, specializes in Russian history and the States of the former Soviet Union. He will explore the roots of discord between the US and Russia and discuss why Russia acts the way it does toward the US and the West. He will also talk about its view of the West as hypocritical, its belief that the West took advantage of a weak Russia, and interfered in the internal affairs of others such as Kosovo, Ukraine and Georgia. He believes that both the US and Russia poorly understand one another. Russia’s relationship with its neighbors – especially Ukraine – has further complicated its interactions with the West. Butterfield will further situate the tensions in the current era of tripartite great power competition among the US, Russia and China. A Rhodes Scholar, his lifetime of study of Russia has included over 40 visits for teaching assignments and research experiences there. Admission is $10. Students, educators, and clergy are admitted free. The doors will open 30 minutes prior to the presentation. COVID protocols will be observed.

Get ready, they’re coming to Michigan!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

by best-selling author Parag Khanna

South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College | 7 p.m.
Are you ready to move? Do you feel your welfare is at risk from political and economic crises, technology disruptions or climate change? Hear author and researcher Dr. Parag Khanna defend his claim that Michigan will be a top destination because of factors surrounding climate change, economies, and governments. According to his new book, “Move: The Forces Uprooting Us,” it appears the entire world will be coming to Michigan….. the best place to live on the entire planet by 2050.
Khanna is a leading global strategy advisor, world traveler, and bestselling-author. He is Founder & Managing Partner of FutureMap, a data and scenario based strategic advisory firm. He was named one of Esquire’s “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century,” and featured in WIRED magazine’s “Smart List.” He holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics, and Bachelors and Masters degrees from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He has traveled to nearly 150 countries and is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. Admission is $10. Students, educators, and clergy are admitted free. The doors will open 30 minutes prior to the presentation. COVID protocols will be observed.
 During the last 12 months there were zero wild polio cases in Pakistan. If I remember correctly, Pakistan and Afghanistan were the last two countries to identify the wild polio virus. Now it looks like it could be down to just Afghanistan.
Emily Gruber Introduced Mary Beth from the Family Enrichment Center
  • Mary Beth grew up in Kalamazoo
  • Masters in Education
  •  Mary Beth has fostered 50 kids from the ages of 6 months to 17 years old
  • She has  3 adult children of her own.
Main Goal of the Family Enrichment Center is to reunite Kids with their parents
180 kids in Van Buren County need Foster homes.
135 Referrals since December.
There are Private Agencies:
CSS Catholic Social Services
The State does not do adoptions.
Mary Sue and Melinda Gruber, Thanked Mary Beth for her wonderful presentation and let her know that she would be receiving a $25.00 gift card courtesy of Fleming Brothers Oil and Convenience Mart.
The Membership was adjourned with the 4 way test. Next weeks meeting will be in person!! February 22,2022 meeting is sponsored by Don Hodgman, it will be a presentation by Kathy Wagaman from the SH Chamber of Commerce! Hope to see you There!