SPOKES VOL.LXX NO.30                                                       February 13, 2018

Filling in for our regularly scheduled greeters were Bob Stickland and Don Hixson. Thank You!

We began the meeting with the “Pledge of Allegiance”, and Art Ayers followed with the invocation.


Marcus Torres, Deb Davidson’s grandson, will be speaking today regarding the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.

Lotte Resek, “Dance of Hope” Project Chair Foundry Hall, is our “Spotlight” speaker who will be introducing our membership to their latest project.


Lotte explained that Foundry Hall is working on a cultural exchange experience for elementary-aged students in the South Haven Public Schools and the greater South Haven community in March.

“Dance of Hope” is a touring group directed by Ugandan musician and educator, Kinobe. The program is designed to be an educational opportunity using music and dance to create meaningful connections for the students involved.

This will be a school program of workshops and performance, at North Shore Elementary School, and one 75 minute performance for the community. The eight classes of 4th and 5th graders will be divided into four groups; each group spending one hour with Kinobe and the Ugandan students, in a hands-on, participatory workshop. The children will have opportunities to experience the musical instruments, rhythms and melodies of Africa. More information about the “Dance of Hope” Project can be found on their website: www.danceofhope.com.


Jim Davis was the “maestro” this morning, and Larry Wittkop, while also doing a commendable job with the erstwhile CD player, suggested our Board should take a “long look” at providing funding for a new machine. We’ll get back to you on that one, Larry!

Our Rotarians were in “great voice” today, as we “sailed through” “Red River Valley”, She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain”, and “SMILE, Sing a Song”.


-Dorothy Lockwood, sporting one of our Rotary polos, announced that we have a number of shirts remaining, for those who may be interested in purchasing shirts for spouses, etc. It was mentioned that the remaining shirts might be “going” for $10 each; however, following a discussion at the Board Meeting, it was decided to keep the pricing at $25. Any questions can be addressed at next week’s meeting.

-A reminder that Rotary Hero applications are being accepted. One member from each club within District 6360 will be honored at the District Conference in April. See Scott Mark for an application.

-A contingent of our “beloved” snowbirds will be gathering tomorrow at 11:30am in Punta Gorda, Florida. We hear Tom Ruesink was extremely disappointed at the club’s refusal to send President Renner to this get-together on the club’s “dime”. GET OVER IT, Tom!😊 Have a WONDERFUL time!

-Our club is slated to work the Thursday Night Supper this week, at the Congregational Church on the 15th. If you’re able to help, please arrive at the church by 5:45pm. We’ll need 6-8 volunteers.

-A Board Meeting will follow today’s meeting.


-Stuart didn’t have far to travel this morning to find the “honest, reliable” individual, since Lotte Resek was sitting at HIS table.

-Mark Odland had the first winning ticket, and he picked the #2 card, SO the winner of the second drawing, Jerry Portman, collect HALF of our “pot” ($8).


-Jerry Portman celebrated the birth of his granddaughter, Regina Juliet!

-Dan Liehr is happy that “we’re moving closer to spring”.

-President Renner is ecstatic; not only because pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training, but also because Yu Darvish is now a Cub!

-Larry Wittkop seemed to “almost” shed a tear, when he said he felt “sad” for Deb Davidson, since her beloved Boilermakers lost two games last week.

-Ted indicated that he was “happy for Mark” (perhaps for the winning ticket).

-Scott Mark was happy to support MSU: “Go Green!”.

-Deb Davidson was happy to express her support for Purdue: “Go Boilers”!

-Paul Hix was glad to see such humble winners among the young Olympians. Melinda Graham had to leave early, but Paul also wanted to celebrate her upcoming birthday.


Deb Davidson introduced today’s speaker, her grandson, Marcus Torres, who will be speaking on the Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program, of which he is a member.

The Civil Air Patrol is a “congressionally-chartered federally supported non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force…A volunteer organization with an aviation-minded membership”.

The cadet program begins at age 11 and continues until participants, both boys and girls, reach the age of 21.

Highlights from Marcus’ presentation:

*It was on July 4, 2013, while viewing the holiday parade in Grandville, that Marcus first became interested in the CAP. He watched them marching in the parade and decided to research the organization.

*He always has been fascinated by the military way of life and decided to “opt out” of taking driver’s education, so he could enter the CAP Cadet Program.

*He is being home-schooled; thus, the cadet program offers many outdoor events and opportunities.

*Marcus’ specific group, which includes 50-60 cadets, ages 11-18, meets every Monday in Hudsonville.

*His current rank is Staff Sergeant.

*The Core Values of the CAP, which establish a common set of behavioral expectations, are: Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect.

*Marcus is in the Ground Team Medic program. He has a passion for survival training and would like to become a survival instructor and, ultimately, a doctor.

*Some of his best experiences have involved summer encampment, which teaches advanced training for cadets.

*Marcus has participated in the Wreaths Across America program- a tribute to vets who are laid to rest at national and state VA cemeteries. The CAP organizes the wreath-laying ceremonies, with assistance from local citizens and Veterans service organizations.

*He also has enjoyed trips to Washington, D.C. and Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.

*He concluded his presentation by sharing some humorous stories involving vending machines, “old school” telephones, and quick showers. If you’d like more details, check out the video on our website 😊

Deb presented Marcus with our Rotary pen, in appreciation for a very informative program. The club also extended its thanks.

Next Week: February 20th

Greeters: Scott Mark and Bob Boerma

Program: Todd Gustafson, Chief Executive of Kinexus, will share the successful strategy of integrating workforce, and economic and community development into one organization.

Bob Boerma will wear 2 “hats” next week, as he is also the Program Chair.


We adjourned with the Four Way Test.