Our greeters this morning were Larry Wittkop and Ted Weber.
President Odland welcomed us all, and we opened with “America the Beautiful”. We then shared a moment of silence, in loving memory of Glenn Pietenpol, who died one year ago today. The Invocation, including continued prayers for Tom Fleming’s recovery, was then offered by Art Ayers. 
Jane Copping (Bob Copping)
Megan Cairns, Chair of the National Blueberry Festival, and our Spotlight speaker
Dr. Loren B. Hamel, M.D., President of Spectrum-Lakeland Hospital, and our Program speaker
We rearranged our agenda this morning to accommodate Dr. Hamel’s schedule.

An Update from Spectrum-Lakeland Hospital with Dr. Loren B. Hamel, M.D., President
Melinda Gruber, Program Chair, provided a brief introduction of Dr. Hamel, who serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Spectrum Health System, and President of Spectrum Health Lakeland.
As Dr. Hamel explained, in these roles, he is responsible for the departments of planning and strategic intelligence and business development, as well as Spectrum Health Ventures and Innovations.
Spectrum Health is a $6.9 billion not-for-profit integrated health system based in West Michigan.
Prior to the two health systems integrating in 2018, Dr. Hamel served as CEO of Lakeland Health for nine years and held various other executive roles with the organization over the previous decade.
As Lakeland CEO, Dr. Hamel successfully integrated into the system the largest multi-specialty medical practice in Berrien County, the former Community Hospital in Watervliet, and Hospice at Home, which resulted in the area’s only dedicated hospice residence.
Through his “Bring Your Heart to Work” initiative, featured in the Harvard Business Review, he shared his vision for connecting caregivers’ tasks to the heartfelt needs of those they serve.
Dr. Hamel indicated that he was especially proud that Spectrum Health Lakeland has attracted almost 1,000 volunteers.
With a rich history that dates back to the 1800’s, Spectrum Health Lakeland offers a full continuum of care and wellness services, including three hospitals, an outpatient surgery center, a cancer center, and forty-one physician practices.
It was recognized as a “Top 15 Health System” by IBM Watson Health.
The hospitals of Lakeland have always offered essential healthcare services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. They continually work to create an integrated system of care that is accessible, affordable, compassionate, and responsible.
Their Mission:
To improve health, inspire hope, and save lives
Their Vision:
Personalized health made simple, affordable, and exceptional.
Dr. Hamel also addressed topics such as the benefits of integrating with other like-minded organizations, the continuing benefits of genetic research, the critical nature of cyber security, Priority Health, and pavilion construction, due for completion this spring.
Dr. Hamel addressed some questions from our members; then, he spent some time speaking about the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. A coronavirus is a type of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most are not dangerous; however, some have been: MERS-Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which first appeared in 2012; SARS-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which first appeared in 2003. In early 2020, following a December 2019 outbreak in China, the World Health Organization identified a new type-2019 novel coronavirus which, as Dr. Hamel explained, has an incubation period of two weeks.
Another “interesting” aspect of the current crisis is the nature of “facts” coming out of China.
A brief discussion of nutrition and mental health concluded Dr. Hamel’s presentation. President Odland, as well as our membership, thanked him for a tremendously informative program, and presented him with our traditional Rotary pen.
+ Blessings in a Backpack, this Friday, February 14th, at Lincoln Elementary. Please arrive by 1:15pm.
+ President Odland displayed a grape tree leaf...Yes, you read it correctly... which arrived via the U.S. Mail on which was written an address and a message from Dan T. and Steve. I must have been too focused on the leaf, since I don’t recall what the message said.
+ An email message was received from Tom Ruesink, which included an invitation to the luncheon on Wednesday with our Rotarian snowbirds. Not sure if anyone here is planning to attend, but THANK YOU, TOM, for the invitation!! Please send along our BEST WISHES to EVERYONE!!
Tom also reported that Tom and Dorann Fleming plan to attend! SO GLAD to hear that Tom is progressing well. For those wishing to send cards, notes, and good wishes to Tom and Dorann, please use the following address:
Tom and Dorann Fleming
c/o J. Mueller
7100 Estero Boulevard  #504
Ft. Myers, Florida 33931
+ Art Ayers provided a brief update on plans for the rainwater harvest project at the Lions Hospital in Ngoswani. Art also presented Tom Renner with a $100 contribution from Marty Graber, which is to be added to our WINNING laundry detergent competition total. Thank you, Marty!
+ ABO (After Business Ours)-Whiteford Wealth Management
   February 20th, from 5-7pm
+ Tom Renner recently updated a printer at home; if anyone knows where his old printer might be of benefit, please let Tom know.
Megan Cairns, Executive Director of the National Blueberry Festival
Megan introduced the concept of Placemaking, “a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design, and management of public spaces”. It capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote health, happiness, and well-being.
Regarding our Blueberry Festival, Megan is challenging all who engage with the community to focus more on placemaking-connecting, bonding, and exhibiting feelings of positivity, pleasure, and the feeling of security.
Our Fly-In Pancake Breakfast will be August 9th at the airport.
Following her presentation, President Odland and Don Hodgman presented Megan with a $500 donation from the South Haven Rotary in support of the festival.
Bob Boerma had the “reins” this morning and led us in spirited renditions of “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”, “Give My Regards to Broadway”, and “The Rotary Wheel”.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Stuart Comiskey, provided “honest and reliable” Megan Cairns the opportunity of picking the first winning ticket. Paul Hix had the winner, but selected the “10” card, so our next winner, Tom Rummel, secured the not so elusive $2 prize. Today’s “winnings” made their way back into the “pot”.
Melinda Gruber reported that February 16th is her 50th birthday!
For the past year, the CEO of Caring Circle and vice-president of Continued Care Services at Spectrum Lakeland Health, has spent weekends competing in as many 5k races as she can, with the goal of running 50 by the time she celebrates her 50th.
Not only will she be running her 50th race for her 50th birthday this weekend, but she’ll be doing it in MONACO!!!
Congratulations, Melinda, and best wishes!!!
There were no anniversaries to celebrate today; however, Stu seemed to think I needed to celebrate one...You had to be there!
Bob Copping provided details of his new exercise routine: standing with arms extended, with 5 lb. potato sacks on each arm, then raise your arms to flex and repeat until that’s been “mastered”. From there, move on to 10 lb. sacks, 20 lb. sacks,  30 lb. sacks, and so on...It’s sounding very strenuous, until Bob says, “Tomorrow, I just may start placing a potato in each bag”!!!!!!!!!
Due to the length of today’s program, the basket was passed around the room.
Next Week’s Greeters: Ross Woodhams and Richard Swanson
Next Week’s Program: Debbie Howe will have an update on SCORE
Scott Smith, Chair
We concluded the meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Seasonal Editarian: Art Ayers