April 5, 2022 
Mary Sue Lyon started the meeting promptly at 7 a.m. with the pledge of Allegiance.
Pastor Jeffrey Dick said the invocation today asking for prayers for Mike Livovitch and also the country of Ukraine
We welcome 4 Guests today:
Carol Hodgeman
Don Kitchin
Clair Kitchin Dahl
Paul Hix
Let's create the Michigan Million for Ukrainian  kids! Sponsored by Michigan Rotarians 
For the South Haven Rotarians let's contribute the first $100,000.  With the horrific tragedy that the people of Ukraine  are experiencing and the massive refugee crises that Putin is causing let's make a statement.
 How will it be funded?
Members that choose to support the evet may donate to Rotary (they will be collecting donations and providing them to the Ukrainian people) in the following ways.
  1. Cash
  2. Appreciated equites
  3. Funds from their donor funds
  4. A portion of their RMD's (that they are required to take) but will not need for living expenses in 2022
  5. Funds from charitable remainder trusts
Is this crazy? Maybe but these children and the Ukrainian people need the world to support them.
So far we have raised $20,000
Rotary is about giving what we can when we can!
Paul has worn a yellow and blue tie in support of Ukraine since the siege started.
 Let's make a difference!
 Blessings in a backpack Wednesday April 13th (note the date change) and Thursday April 21st.
Arbor Day Tree Planting – The planting of the tree will be Friday, April 29 (Arbor Day). It will be mid-morning at a time and place to be determined. A group of kindergarten students from Maple Grove will be joining us.
The Educational Fundraiser Information: Deb Davidson
  • Deb passed out invitations and a signup sheet at the meeting will get them to the rest of the membership.
  • Must be signed up by April 20th
  • Event on Sat April 30th
  •  Guests are encouraged.
  •  Dinner is $40.00 per person/Checks made out to South Haven Rotary Charities and given to the treasurer.
  • Starts at 6 p.m.
  • Cash Bar
  • Dinner at 6:30
  • There will be a Silent Auction by Scott Mark
  • Accepting Donations for Silent Auction
The Rotary transition dinner will be Thursday June 30 at Hawks Head restaurant and golf course. The golf course might be used before the dinner. See Dan Thompson to help set up the golf event.
We have been asked to participate in the July 4th parade Rotary’s part would involve manning the streets around the parade route, while Kiwanis would be helping at the staging area. Becky Burkerk will set up a meeting in April. We’ll need a lead person for that event.
We’re planning on Pancake breakfasts for Sunday July 3rd and Sunday August 14th 2022. There will be special volunteer opportunities to inventory and clean our pancake breakfast equipment before the July event.
We’re looking for recommendations for Education and Service Award of the year, Citizen of the year, Club Hero and Rotarian of the year. Nomination forms are available on the front page of our website. These awards are presented at the transition dinner/event that is held at the end of June. The board decides on the citizen of the year and club hero, and acts on recommendations from the scholarship committee for Educator and Service Award of the year. The Rotarian of the year is decided by the past Rotarians of the year.
Comedy Relief
Bob Copping works tirelessly to give us our comedy relief! 😊
Jerry Gruber -Both daughter and granddaughter celebrated a birthday!
Larry Wittkup forgot his own birthday was last Friday, April 1st ! No foolin!
Mark Odland and his wife both celebrated a birthday!
Tom Fleming- Wife celebrated a birthday!
Stuart -Grandson Ethan turns 6 this week!
Don-Mother-in-law has a 100th Birthday Celebration on April 23rd in Wisconsin.
Ross Woodham and his wife celebrated their 42cnd wedding anniversary.
We had 7 Zoom guests today.
We sang a traditional Happy Birthday today!
Our guest Sophie drew the winning number and it belonged to Ross Woodhams!  He did not win the pot.
Sophie drew again and Dana Hullinger won the $2.00 Consolation Prize.
Jerry Gruber announced he is going to Nova Scotia this week
Don Kitchin introduced our Guest Speaker his sister “Rosie” Claire Kitchin Dahl.
Claire holds a BS in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Women’s History
She started teaching History in 1971. Retiring in 2009 She then began working on the Yankee Museums Public Relations Committee.
Today she talked to the Members about Rosie the riveter and the History and Making of the B25 Bomber.
Rosie “Claire” gave us the proper terminology for Rosie the Riveter
  • Rosie is any woman who worked in a defense plant during WWII
  • Now those women are 95-103 years old
  • Rosie’s were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal
The B-24 Bomber
  • Built in Willow Run on Henry Ford's Assembly line.
  • 4 Propeller Biggest Bomber at that time.
  • 9000 B24 Bombers were built in Willow Run from March to Nov of 1941
B25 Bomber
  • Named after Billy Mitchell
  • Billy was court marshalled for insubordination/he resigned
  • Only plane named for a person
  • Billy was considered to Father of the Modern Airforce
B25 Bomber
  • Made by American Airlines in Kansas City
  • 6000 Made from March to November 1941
  • 2 Propeller Plane
  • Gun in the Nose
  • Underneath the Belly
  • 2 Waste Gunner Windows
  • Top Turret
  • Carried 3000 lbs. of bombs
  • 9-man crew
  • Extra Racks for ammo on the wings
  • Called Flying coffins, no seats, no cushions.
  • Propeller turned by hand 9.5 times to start the bomber
Yankee Air Museum bought a B25 Bomber in 1987
  • Calida Air in 2020 offered to restore the bomber back to its War Glory at no cost.
  • Bomber was flown to Oscoda MI to be restored
  • A WWII nose artist was hired, Plane named Rosie’s Reply
  • Once Restored a 9-person crew flew to; Tulsa OK, Kansas City and Bloomington Indiana.
  • Piloted by the only woman in the country certified to fly a B25 Bomber
  • Crew consisted of
  1. Pilot
  2. Co Pilot
  3. Mechanics
  4. Airplane Historian
  5. Flight Coordinator
  6. Rosie “Claire”
  7. Retail Salesperson
Rosie was thrilled to be asked to sit in the Bombardier Seat below
9 Days she was allowed to take a backpack onboard so she wore the same clothes, her Rosie attire daily.
While in Kansas City 3 Woman who actually worked on the plane were there to see it.   Crew had to get back to the museum before dark as the plane is not certified to fly at night.
Lots of Events at the Yankee Air Museum in Willow Run, please look them up! You can have a 30 min ride in a B25 Bomber for $450.00
South Haven has our own Rosie the Riveter it is Carolyn Oliver! She worked in San Diego CA.
Mary Sue Lyon thanked both Claire and Don for the great presentation and steered us towards the back table where lots of information and flyers on upcoming events was laid out for all to see. She presented Claire with a $25.00 Fleming Brothers Oil and Convenience Mart Gift Card. The meeting was adjourned promptly at 8 a.m. with the Four Way Test. Next week, April 12, 2022, is an in person meeting 7 a.m. at Peace Lutheran Church. Mary Sue Lyon is the sponsor for next weeks speaker, Wendy Onuki, Executive Director of Curious Kids Museum and the New Mitten Children’s Museum in South Haven.  See you all next week!