Posted by Tom Ruesink on Apr 03, 2018
From Tom Ruesink, Sun Tanned Editarian
Our Florida snowbird second southern meeting for 2018 was held this past Wednesday March 28. Eighteen (18) members and guest joined together  for a great gathering and lunch. (Rhonda, I will send you the member's names later).  It was great having in our presence and fresh of the western snow resort  Bob and Dee Stickland.
One couldn't have asked for a better cooperation from the weather person; temperature was in low 80, our seating was on a covered porch with light breezes coming off the gulf, and we happen to hit the day when they had 2 for 1 drinks special!!
Since Gruber wasn't here to record this event,  just an observation on part of this editor.  It was noted that from the men's end of the table all had non-alcohol drinks!!  Seating arrangement for these gathering have the tables divided with men at one end and women at other end.  Judging by their spirit of conversations, that perhaps a few at other end of table (women's) took advantage of this drink special!!
Much conversation regarding activities we all have been involved with this past few months. Many of us have had opportunity in sharing this time with visiting friends and relatives and even a few visited other Rotary club meetings!!  We all concluded that the winter days flew by quickly and that for the majority of us our travels will soon be taking us north.  So by the end of April, majority of this group will be back sharing bread with rest of our home club members.
As usual, the hat was passed collecting fines. This collection will be added into appropriate fine collection basket in due time.   (Providing it's not needed to assist one's cost in returning home!!)
Good time was enjoyed by all, "meeting" broke up after 2 pm.  After which several members visited Larry and Midge Lewis' elegant winter retreat.
That's all for this year
As Don Hixson writes--something about license to stretch the truth!!